Saturday, April 21, 2007

Working Those Curves

- Curves workout that is....
I had talked to the trainer on duty the day after I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to know how I would need to tweak the workout. I told her I miscarry. She said that I didn't need to do anything different in the first tri-mester. I told her that Gary's book mentioned heart rate at only 50% of max. She said that is NOT for the first trimester.
Our Curves has two owners...Mom and Daughter. Daughter has been there a few times when I worked out and kept turning fans on.....Thursday Mom talked to me. She asked if anyone had talked with me about modifying my workout. I told her I'd talked with the one trainer. She watched. She came over and began asking me questions. It seems that the first trainer was wrong and will be getting some further education. I AM supposed to keep my heart at 50% - which it is at when I am simply sitting in a chair. I'm not to overheat (thus the fans go on the minute I show up). I'm not supposed to do the squat machine because of my prenatal history until the 3rd trimester or when you WANT to deliver quickly. I modify the ab/back machine, the inner thigh machine and the um one with handles over your head.... I am not sure that a workout at this level is going to do much for getting me in shape but they assure me it isn't pointless...that I'll still be maintaining and building muscle even without a full aerobic workout.

FRIDAY - Speech and Other Things

 Speech: We continue to explore Nolan's problem with processing information. WAIT - it's not a problem - it's a "learning difference". ::snort:: The speech therapist does not feel we need to do further tests/labeling etc. She thinks that she and I working together can affect change. She said that it seems to her that Nolan is a visual learner. She says that he responds well to visual cues before being given an auditory list of things to do.....Now I had not tried that in every day life. She draws photos of everything he is asked to do...tells him what to do and thinks it helps. For example....Nolan simply can't do more than one thing at a time...if I give him multiple instructions - he freezes. He's 8. Zander is 5 and can easily follow 2 or 3 step it isn't just a developmental thing that he'll outgrow. I've been working at giving him LOTS of 2 step directions. BUT Natalie says I should DRAW pictures of what I want him to do. ARGH. I don't have time to draw pictures of every instruction...and furthermore, my pictures are NOT going to be much help in deciphering my directions. I am thinking I could make up a laminated sheet and find photos on the web of various things...or take pictures of him doing them....and then use THAT when I ask him to do things...."MOVE the chairs, sweep the floor, and take out the garbage" etc. I was thrilled to hear someone say Math U see appeals to visual learners....we switched to that already. In Science, I've gone more "traditional" than *I* like because Arielle likes that (auditory learner) but I am going to make sure we get lots of visual input added to the programs this year. I'm already finding great, brightly colored science books from the library on the topics we are covering in Apologia. NOT TK all over the page type books but the ones with really big and detailed photos. I really like photos too. LOL He LIKES apologia and wants to continue it...but it's amazing the facts that click when he simply SEES a photo of say a Praying Mantis.... I think I can easily make Elementary Apologia more visual.

In TOG I'll be sure to pull in more history quilts, lapbook type things...I'm debating if hands on is the same as visual....and thinking of how he's responded this year. He LOVED the lapbooks - Arielle felt they were a waste of time (just read the text and move along, please). I'd already been trying to see if I could fit 3 history kits into the budget next year. Kate (from SHS) and her husband Jeff run Hands and Hearts , a company that sells wonderful history kits. They've tested all their projects and kits on children 5 - 12. Any activity that wasn't loved by all is removed from the kit. I'd thought of these for the last couple of years. I've held off because of the budget. I've also known that there were many great hands on ideas in the TOG manual...but I find I do better if I have all the pieces I need in a box at the start of the year (i.e. the history quilt versus all my lapbook plans).

Dessert Co-op: I've put together an invite for a Tapestry Tea. I think it will be fun even for those who have no intention of buying TOG. I always like to see new curriculi (spell check doesn't like my other word??). AND everyone who attends gets a free Egyptian Unit - can't beat that. Of course, you can also click the link in the sidebar and get the free unit but you know. ::snort:: I've been hoping that maybe the tea will be a way to find some who are either using TOG year 1 next year or studying ancients - and they may want to join our "fun" co-op. I've read what Marcia says about co-ops and for young children she says they should be the "dessert". I think I'm going to tell people I'm starting a "dessert co-op". ::snort:: I have been thinking that Jeff and Kate's KITS would be the perfect sort of thing to do in a "dessert co-op". The supplies are all there, they tie in to the period being studied, and I keep hearing they are wonderful. I can have everyone simply order the kits and go from there. Saves having to shop and buy supplies myself. LOL We shall see. I also think it would be fun to do Meet the Masters in a group setting...really easy...but I'm trying to curb the ideas.

Produce c0-op: went well. We seem to be alternating between big weeks and medium weeks. LOL If the trend keeps up, I will have to talk to the every other week members and get them spread out a bit more evenly. ::snort::

Family Bits: Josiah got called into work again yesterday...BUT...they let him out of his evening shift so he was home for family night. Yippee!

Arielle and Nolan had drama. They are really enjoying this. They go home with Deja after co-op and get some playing time in with Erik and Emma beforehand.

It's hard for Zander to see them leaving every week. AND this week he was certainly off. I needed to spend some time with him. I took he, Stacia and Jared and we went to BK - his choice. I had a great salad and they ate junk...then I let them play on the playground until it was time to go pick up the other two from Camp Broadway. I read some of *Teaching the Trivium* and promptly fell asleep in the play area. I woke up with just enough time to drive to drama. I'm determined to finish that book this week!

Jamin asked me to make the deep dish pizza last night. I did a nutmeg type sauce with chicken, cheese, mushrooms, red peppers and asparagus. He and I were the only ones who tried it - but it WAS good and there is plenty left over for today! Maybe breakfast.

We watched Happy Feet from Netflix. We worked on Josiah's graduation slide show. Mike went in to the office yesterday because the Air Force Chief of Staff was on base.

Busy - full day for all.