Wednesday, October 11, 2023

First Pathetic Snow and Fire

 We had our FIRST snow at our house today. It snowed for quite a bit of time...big fluffly's still too warm for them to accumulate but it was pretty. 

We also had our first fire of the season. The temps are dropping and it's nippy. 

I know it can't REALLY count as our first snow as it certainly isn't sticking...HOWEVER, we find ourselves looking FORWARD to the snow. Maybe we are becoming Alaskans. Slow days around the fire, baking, hot drinks, sleds and snowmen, winter reading... 

Winter will come, and it will test us, but we will be here at the end...we will rest as the summer and fall is certainly fast-paced. 

Each day feels like a bonus! We are used to having snow and colder temps by now.