Friday, May 31, 2019


Our goal was to be at the VA Clinic in Anchorage by 0745. We made it by 0750.  I am enjoying the time in the car to talk with Michael, I am not enjoying the two hours out of our days quite so much.πŸ˜•

I got Dad's ticket purchased this morning before we left the Valley.

We had hoped to be in Seward camping this weekend. It's not to be.

I planned to spend my hours shopping while Michael was at his appointment, but the shops weren't open quite that early. Instead, I enjoyed time with my new library book in Starbucks. This was a great Blue Zone activity - de-stressing at its finest. I spent some of the time sharing polos back and forth with friends and family - another blue zone principle at work - enjoying my tribe.

Karen met Michael and I in the VA parking lot. We handed off 11 dozen eggs - she handed off $55. I'm happy to have space in my fridge again.

We got home to discover how everyone else was spending their day. Nolan had gone on a hike with a friend. Alex was working on mowing. Stacia was making some yummy granola bars.

Stacia and Alex came with me to Lowe's. Our goal was to pick up dirt. I knew my back wouldn't handle it; Alex's does. We almost got a mower but I didn't want to lift it. I find out now that I COULD have asked the employees to load it for me.

We headed to Walmart for a few groceries after Lowe's....and, finally, arrived back home again.

This was a welcome sight....Arielle and Nolan were sifting the dirt in the raised beds. Alex joined them. Stacia and I carried large rocks from the garden area and picked up debris which has blown into our yard over the winter.

I have a project to collect the rocks from around the yard and the garden spot and gravel the center walk in the greenhouse. Stacia and I carried rocks and made a tiny bit of leeway. LOL 

The chicks are enjoying their make-shift yard. Phoenix has begun a feeble crowing of sorts....

Benny was happy to be outside and helping anyway he could. 

Michael appears happy to be outside, too. 

Chicks are about 8 weeks old now

Novia - check out the plucked tush. This is what they've done to each other. It appears she is losing feathers along her back/tail too. There is fuzz left - rather than plucked bare skin. Maybe molting? A bit early. We have let them run around the yard the past couple of days. In the past we worried about predators, but think they may be nicer if they have more room to roam? I am not finding all their eggs - we need to figure out the best time to let them out of the yard. They always have access to the outside of the coop. 

Arielle and Benny joined us for pizza. They are showering. Michael is showering. I think we're all tired. I may try to get a work-out in. This week has not been good for work outs.  It has been a good week for moving naturally!