Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumors and Such

Mike called this afternoon to tell me that there is a rumor going around that I have a birthday coming up "soon". Guess that one is true. ::snort:: He's making one of his famous ice cream cakes for me. The younger ones were glad to hear that Dad is going to take them shopping tomorrow.

I had checked out this giant, paper back book from the library. Today my very own hardcover copy arrived courtesy of Paper Back Swap (link in sidebar).

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up. I was excited today at a PAC meeting to see that it falls on a 3 day weekend. We aren't sure what we'll do. For our 20th we rented a cabin out in the wilds of Alaska....but the girls are no longer living with us and so I don't know that we'll go away alone.....we shall see. The idea of actually having Mike HOME and OFF DUTY for an anniversary is exciting to contemplate. I think it happens about once every five years. ::snort::

One of "my ladies" - as in PWOC ladies - is taking me to lunch tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.

I got to talk to Mom and Dad tonight.

Krista called to let me know that Clif bars and Luna bars have been added to the peanut butter recall list...evidently she is fielding LOTS of calls on this whole thing at work.

Choosing Joy!
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