Friday, October 05, 2007


Friday - shew. The last few weeks have been "out of the ordinary" - and I like my routine. ::snort::

Deja and her kids came and helped with produce co-op today. She's a champ. She'd offered to come help before I even realized I'd NEED help with Jamin and Jared both gone. Thank you, Deja.

Michael spent the day doing odd jobs around the house.

I had put BBQ in the crock pot this a.m. I made 2 more loaves of bread and 18 hamburger buns for dinner. The funny thing is that the boys got home right as the buns were coming out of the oven. Jared sniffed and said it smelled so good - fresh baking bread. I couldn't have planned that better.

Arielle prepared sidewalk art for the homecoming

Great to have them home - and they pitched right in and cleaned up dinner LOL

We've been catching up. They had a GREAT time at camp. I heartily recommend the camp. Jared was surprised that there was a boy from Elmendorf AFB at the camp- hows that? I guess we could always fly the boys back to this one in future years. They both want to go again. If you sign up the last day of camp you receive a discount...but the military lifestyle being what it is - we opted not to sign up today. LOL

Pray for the J family

Would you all mind praying for a friend of mine and her family? They've been in the process of adopting a daughter from the Ukraine as long as I've known them.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago the family traveled to the Ukraine. It's been up and down - back and forth...but yesterday they had another appointment and were able to choose a daughter. They will now be traveling to the other side of the Ukraine to meet her. They will meet her on Sunday. There is still a lot of details and paperwork that must be completed. Mr. J will need to come home shortly as his leave time is ending.

Please pray that God will bless their remaining time in the Ukraine, that they'll have safe and easy travels, that details will go smoothly for them from here on out so that maybe they can all come home at the same time. And then for all the issues of adding a new blessing to their family....and they are also waiting for a military assignment.

I'm pretty excited that they are about to have their daughter in their arms.