Friday, December 06, 2019

Serious Playing Going On....

Working in the garage...its coming together. Carl is great and Michael is a good assistant.

I realized I've not had photos on the blog for quite some time of Bella and Gideon. I watch them weekly, during the prep and services of Alive Alaska. I'm always focused on them and forget to grab photos...but tonight I made a point of taking photos. LOL

The high point of today is watching Bella and Gideon. 

I scored scored serious Grandma points when I showed up with Mickey.
We have  6 1/2 hours to play... so we got busy.
Be still my heart! That smile is captivating. 
Sweet eyes! She liked the "candy popcorn." 

We colored, and played super heroes...
We cut out cookies, baked them, cooked and ate dinner, and decorated cookies.

Bella is the QUEEN of the Sprinkles. 

Next up was drawing...Bella told me this is the lights. We agreed  it's the Northern Lights. 
It's 10:20pm and Bre texted they are on their way home.....we've had a full night.