Monday, May 12, 2008

Photobucket MANIC MONDAY

Big Rocks of the day:

I got up early and worked on organizing thoughts for Tuesday's Bible Study.

I went to the gym....45 min on the bike and I finished Escape by Carolyn Jessop. 20 min to do lower body workout.

We did school.

I printed out what I thought was our final order form for our United Order. ::snort:: I began to make individual invoices for each person - yikes!

We went to speech. I took my laptop and planned to continue working on invoices but couldn't get online. I worked on organizing my thoughts some more for Bible Study.

We came home and I sat down to work on invoices, got a call that the truck would be in in 20 minutes (a few hours early).

We met the United truck, nice new driver, drove home and I continued to work on invoices...but the totals weren't matching......Mike came home and he and the boys started working on splits and sorting.....Heather showed up and figured out all the math for me - hey a BOOKKEEPER! See how smart it was for me to make her my IT support? ::Snort::

We had dinner at 9:00.

Bought the tickets for Mike and the older 3 young men to go see Narnia at midnight. I'll take the younger ones the next afternoon. I'd be no good for produce co-op if I went to a movie that begins at midnigh (and um....I'd snore through the movie anyway at that time!).

Kids are bathed and in bed.

Little Rocks: I breathed and consciously relaxed except for about 10 min of sheer panic when the invoices weren't matching the order form totals. ::snort::

The library called and I have the new John Grisham book in my possesion.

Josiah met with his advisor in the business department and has registered for the fall semester. He earned a 3.5 this year - not bad when he's worked 40 - 50 hours a week. I can't believe he worked 48 hours during finals week and pulled A's and a B. He gets THAT from his father. I was more the class clown. ::snort::


Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Weekly Goal - 240 Minutes (40 minutes most days)
Total Weekly Minutes - 285 minutes

Annual Goal - 11,700 minutes
Minutes to Date - 4, 452 minutes

Kathy had asked for comments on my meeting wth the personal trainer. I'll do that here. LOL

First, I should have done this years ago. If you are military, every base has this available for FREE to you through the HAWC. I should have availed myself of this service. I didn't because men intimidate me.....but I should have done it anyway.

At the gym I joined you get a free evaluation with a personal trainer when you join and then I think every so often if you want....not sure. Debbie was great. I told her about my wrists and my knee. I told her I want to tone up and LOSE weight but that my metabolism is slow, slow, slow. I keep a food journal. I'm eating 1200 calories a day. I CANNOT safely go lower than that - and so working out has to be a big part of the key here.

I spent this week implementing the workout that the personal trainer at the gym mapped out for me. She thought 3 - 5 times a week of cardio (20 minute min) would suffice. I KNOW from my past experience and my low thyroid induced metabolism that I simply MUST have more cardio than that to kick the metabolism into gear. I have been doing 60 min most days....she was surprised and gave me suggestions to make those minutes HARDER. I will still do 60 minutes of cardio on days when I don't do weights and aim for 45 minutes on days when I'm doing weights. For Cardio she showed me a new machine - the ARC trainer. It's got a cross country skiing motion (think 21st century nordictrac). She said that I could do the Ellipitcal but I'm finding the ARC just as good a workout without fear of knee injury. Yeah, my knee aches after weeks of videos or working out. She told me to stay way from the treadmill. Since Mike doesn't read long entries I can say here that I've been trying to work up to being able to go running with him by Father's Day. I've been jogging on the treadmill but she says that jogging is not good with my knee. Not sure if I will give up my goal....but I have noted since changing my routine my knee doesn't creek or ache. The main thing she changed here is that every 2 minutes I increase the incline and resistance on any machine I'm on. That keeps my body guessing, overall I'm burning more calories, and I'm working harder. The first day on the ARC I survived 20 mintues.

Yes, I knew I needed to add weights but they ALWAYS ended up hurting my wrists. I had this problem at Curves, as well, and so skipped the machines that used wrist power. Debbie, the trainer (as opposed to the dietician or the friend) told me to stay off the free weights. I do nautilus and other exercises for lower body, and she gave me cybex machines for upper body. She said the Nautilus, hydraulic, air machines still allow you to tweak your wrist...but the machines she put me on immobilze my wrist. She took me to each machine and wrote down what seat number was right for me etc. She set weight goals, and I'm to work up to 2 sets of 20 reps on each station. I'll get there...then increase the weight. My thoughts so far - I FEEL THE BURN! ::snort:: I have that achey tired muscle where I'm supposed to now and not in my knee or wrists. I'm to do the weight routine 2 - 3 times a week. I'm doing the ab stuff every day because I NEED it - badly.

Monday - 65 Minutes (bike)

Tuesday - 90 Minutes (30 min ARC, 20 min bike, 40 min weights)

Wed - 55 Minutes (20 min ARC, 30 min bike, 5 min abs)

Thursday - 85 minutes Community Health Club (45 ARC, 40 min weights)

Friday - 45 minutes (bike)

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