Friday, August 23, 2013


The kids and I are making an all out effort to do EVERYTHING we can without Michael's help before the weekend. This not only eases his stress, but keeps us from going stir crazy in the house. We haven't had time to find a car as each spare moment is used for settling in.   My hope is we'll be so unpacked when the rest of our stuff arrives, we can quickly finish and go enjoy Labor Day weekend. 

We didn't touch the master suite. Michael doesn't buy the philosophy of Rose and me: "crooked means personality." He said he won't fuss about anything around the house. I ASKED him if he'd prefer I not do our room. He said he doesn't want 50 lbs of painting falling on him while he sleeps. I then asked about the wall decal and he sweetly said, "Why don't you let me help with that." SO.....I didn't touch our room today either.

I also didn't find the photos from MOPS. I am going to simply go to the photography sites of  friends and order new photos....then I can get bigger ones too.

The day began with two lovely hours discussing how God works in our lives with a sweet friend/mentor. She encouraged me not to rush the work God is doing in my life. It was fun to discuss where we see God calling us after the Air Force. God only knows how He will get us there. It will require more changes in our lives than I really want to contemplate right now. This time of preparation is essential. I am not lazy or selfish. I am carefully following where He is leading so I am able to faithfully  minister to my family and am prepared for the new calling/mission which He is placing on our hearts.

I broke out the moving whip and we sprung into action after the skype.  We had a couple more wall decals to put up.  This one is not a verse....but I know it will make me smile when I'm in the laundry room - and that is often.

I thought this was great for the school room 

Speaking of school rooms - the boys put the table together. I moved a few pieces of furniture into the closet....then loaded big things like globes, microscopes and such to the top of the closet, and I unpacked 12 more boxes. I moved the remaining 11 boxes to the far side of the room in the hopes that the movers will put the coming shelves right in place (remember we started with over 50 book boxes and many others in here). This also leaves room for the coming books to be put on the other side of the room so we don't have to move things twice as we did this time. I really can't do anything else in here....Michael could set up the desk top - but the desk is still broken.
 I also:

  • Ordered beaded curtains and tie backs  for the girls
  • Shopped for a patio curtain - really I did
  • Ordered the curtain rod and tie backs for the patio door
  • Got distracted shopping for patio gazebos with curtains
  • and by investigating Japanese style onsens in Northern CA - who knew? 
  • and by looking for a Japanese language course at Arielle's request. She's done Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur...she wants one that will make her "fluent"
  • Finally, I just clicked and ordered some curtains which should work
Since I couldn't think of a single moving thing to do.....the girls were free to bake a big cookie in Stacia's birthday Hello Kitty Pan. Jamin, she thought of you and told me you gave her this pan. 

We've had pizza and salad. The older ones are all reading which is bugging Stacia. I'm about to put Peter Pan on the big screen and we'll settle down to wait for Michael to get home. 

Shew - we've been busy this week. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...