Thursday, February 01, 2007

Trailer Photos

*Note I figured out why the camera wouldn't focus and why it was washing everyone out - but I'm not going to go take new pictures and these are the FIRST shots - you know when the kids were excited. I thought going out again, opening it up, sliding it all out and trying to recreate their excitement would be anti-climatic. It was that same little switch Heather found before...this time it didn't flash F but it took strange photos. LOL

Arielle and Stacia are Happy
We all had our favorite amenities to exclaim over!
Nolan thinks the outside sink, stove and awning are cool!

Jamin takes advantage of the dinette

Several commented on the BIG freezer and fridge (as compared to the pop-ups)

Stacia loves the new hiding spots - this one between the bunks in the back room
Josiah likes the music options

I began to worry that we weren't all going to fit in this now that Stacia sleeps in a bed...we weren't sure the bunks would be long enough for Jared. They are. We've got four nice wide bunks in the back. We have several options for sleeping. I don't think they are big enough for the over 6 foot we may put Jared and the four younger ones back here, Cy on the pull out sofa and Jamin on the dinette bed...

I must admit I share Zander glee at an INSIDE more 2 a.m. jaunts to the restroom, potty training with the facilities 1/2 a mile away, mid-night walks with bears, porcupines, armadillos....but then again I've come to LOVE seeing the night sky at different times of night, the peace and tranquility of those middle of the night runs....but NAH....ultimately I share Zander's glee at the toilet. ::snort::
Several have mentioned over and over that they suddenly have an urge to go camping....and this will probably grow as the trailer sits in the front yard. ::snort:: It's all here waiting for you Mike. The other photos were to washed out to share (our room, pass through storage spots) it's nice...and it was 8K less than blue book! Yes! Co-op newsletter is done, tables are set up, baskets are out...I'm going to bed.
Oh - things that make a mom go "Hmmm"...the control know with the switch for the slide outs in a toddler height cupboard as you walk in the trailer. That will HAVE to be child proofed somehow.


Here it is - outside my front door...and here it will stay because I can't get it in the driveway, which slants and the ally is narrow. It will stay here until Mike is home to move it....or until someone else who knows how to drive these things wants to move it. ::snort:: I'm a bit worried about the mailman and the neighbors...but if they ask I'm going to say, "Does your dh know how to drive something like that???" I am simply NOT moving that thing an inch further.

Mike grew up in a camping family. They tent camped, camped with tarps, had various campers, and even a little motor home. Grandpa Earl called his motor home the "dream boat". We are in the midst of coming up with an appropriate name for this trailer....maybe dream of my nameless children suggested "big rolling turd". OK - I explained that his suggestion was in bad taste (and I laughed - sorry) and that we wanted a complimentary name. We've thought Road Whale - which is a term Darshia's dear husband introduced us to when we were camping at Mt Denali. Send in your suggestions....winner gets a family of 11 parking outside THEIR home for a week and using their water and electricity. ::snort:: OK - nah I'll think of something for the winner. LOL

Josiah went to pick up the older boys from their ministry team. I'm sure they'll all want to open it up and look - so we'll take some more pictures, but I knew the girls and Mike would want to see evidence of the purchase asap....

I sure hope someone doesn't sideswipe the slide out when I show the boys...hmmm.....


I've been working on a variety of issues with Zander. Polite speech. Obeying. Manners.

He earns tickets when he gets it right - and 60 tickets earn him play station time. He's dying today to play Lego Star Wars....and he needs another 30 tickets. He's been saying "Thank you, Mom" for no reason at all. This last time I asked him, "for what?"

He replied, "Thank you for making me listen." LOL