Monday, February 14, 2022

38 Years - No Way Home


It's Valentine's Day and that means Michael and I are celebrating thirty-eight years of marriage. Thirty-eight years of doing life side by side, while together and while apart.  We've certainly not done every right, but we have known where to run and how to apologize when we mess up. Of course, this is also Valentine's Day. We had great plans for a few surprises, but we didn't quite pull them off. We'll tuck the plans away for either later in the month or next year. LOL  

The girls had given the boys a "sibling date" for their birthdays. The girls were taking them to the movie of their choice and out to dinner. They went to see "No Way Home" - Spiderman.  I'm woefully uninformed of the intricacies of the movie, but they seemed to enjoy it.  I told them they were welcome to go out for dinner, but I had a couple of pizzas downstairs already. We tend to avoid going out on our anniversary because it tends to be very crowded and noisy. We can get crowds and noise at home. 

Alex, Nolan, Allie, Stacia - 📷via Stacia

A funny thing happened when the "kids" went on their sibling date. Grandpa took a nap. The house was QUIET...and Michael and I had the rare experience of being alone at home. ::snort:: 

Perfect Valentines/Anniversary....time alone, time with kids, easy dinner and a touch of sweet.  Nolan is back to working six days a week. We were happy his day off landed on a day when he could celebrate with the rest of the world. LOL

As a side note:  Dad asked me today (2-16) if I thought his "problems" could be from eating those 3 little kisses. I told him it was probably all the cake and ice cream he chose to eat during birthday week, and Saturday and Sunday when kids were here....topped with the 3 little kisses. LOL