Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Hilarious Day

This is the type of day that confirms my resolve to STAY HOME and not plan too many things in one day. I KNEW it would be a "day" because I had two appointments; I've previously shared how it disrupts life for me to HAVE to go places. LOL

This has been a hilarious day!

It began early, on the way to Curves, I decided to call the boys to remind them to put the garbage out. My tracfone wouldn't work. It was out of minutes.

After Curves, I swung by Sam's to buy a new fone card as we'll want it before the trip and I didn't want to lose my phone number. I was 10 minutes too early.

I went to Walmart and got the card. I rushed home knowing that I had an hour to get showered etc and out the door for my appointment at the OB - one I really didn't want to attend.

Mike called and that made me "late" - but not really late - just later than I like to be. Turns out that the Air Force will pay for travel and such to the convention - which is in Spokane so THAT'S a nice boost to the budget. They'll pay mileage and what they would have for his room in a hotel. The hotel is full (would have been nice to have a room for the kids to crash in if needed)....but we're now thinking of finding a campground in Spokane to stay in - instead of parking in the church's parking lot. ::Snort::

I got to the docs and she was "running late". 1 1/2 hours later I realized that there were 8 of us still in the waiting room and only one doc working over lunch hour. I was VERY polite and nice. I understood - but I also knew I had to be at another appointment in an hour. I asked the two ladies near me what time their appointments were - they confirmed my suspicion - 11:00 a.m. - same as MINE. I went to the receptionist and asked if ALL those waiting in the room had the same appointment time. Doing the math - it would take another hour to get through all of us - at least.

I told them that I had an apt in an hour. I told them that I'm leaving for a month. I explained it was a follow up on a miscarriage and I was fine and so I wasn't going to wait any longer. Wait - the nurse really thinks you need to be seen before you leave town. They gave me an apt for tomorrow - 1:00. I have a 2:00 appointment already tomorrow. As I walked out to the car I realized that if I came back tomorrow and she was running late there was NO WAY I'd be able to do a 1:00 appointment with HER and a 2:00 appointment across town. I went back in. The waiting room. There was now only one lady in it. The receptionist started laughing and I said, "I'm baaaacck". I explained my thoughts about the timing for tomorrow.....It was now 12:30 - I'd been at their office 1 hour and 45 minutes. I told her I could wait another 30 minutes and then would have to leave. It appears that when everyone heard my conversation with the receptionist they all decided to reschedule...which was GOOD because it helped them get back on track. The nurse called me next.

I was sitting on the table dressed as one typically is for these appointments. I heard the nurse say "she's ready to deliver now?" and I wondered if I were going to be left sitting on that table....and I had an appointment to be at and was not properly dressed. Dr. Laura walked in. I told her I had heard...she said well...and I said "are you going to try to sneak in my exam?" Yep. We laughed very hard. I felt so bad for the poor woman trying not to push across the street...but Dr. Laura said she couldn't leave me 1/2 dressed either and she really wanted to see me before I left town. ::snort:: It was a QUICK appointment - no time for lectures.

The poor lady who had walked through the door 2 hours earlier with me was being told that Dr. L had to go deliver a baby as I left....and as I walked out the door I could see Dr. L as the doctor's door slammed at the hospital.

It hit me hard as I left the office that the pregnancy is really over. I didn't want it to end this way. I cried....

as I raced across town to get my hair done. Heather was telling me about folks that skip out on her....and such. I went to pay and realized that I had left the checkbook at home. ::snort:: I had to run home, grab it, take Jamin to work, and go back to pay Heather.

I decided to stop by the bank and pay our credit card bill and deposit checks. I forgot the checks.

We decided to kidnap Mike and take him to dinner. He'll be working until 9:00 or 10:00 again tonight. He's writing an awards package and trying to get all in order before we LEAVE.

On the way home a beeping sound began.....I DO have a low fuel light....and I coasted into Sam's - where the day began - and got some gas - yikes $80 worth.....and a few gal of milk.

The end.....I'd like to say I am staying home tomorrow - my favorite kind of day....but I have two appointments tomorrow too.