Saturday, May 18, 2019

S'More Season

Today marked the first S'more of the season. Our goal - to enjoy this summer to the fullest - one s'more at a time. I splurged on a bit of popcorn instead of a s'more. I can have no more added sugar until June.  But, before the s'mores there was a day....

Michael left bright and early for Men's breakfast! We tended to the seedlings, worked out, picked up a bit and waited...

When Michael  wasn't home by 11:00 a.m., Stacia and I headed for the store. It turns out Michael had done the same. We coordinated lists and got er done....a bit of groceries, a new kitchen appliance, some pants, birthday gift, and gardening stuff.

Josiah stopped by with the news he has put down an offer on a duplex in Eagle River. Working the plan! 

Michael brought home a fun toy for Gemma and Papa's toy box....

Dino promptly ate the tree...

Jamin joined us and everyone but Stacia and I headed out to play Boccie.

It's become obvious we need to rent a thatcher and do some work on this yard....but we need to haul out a LOT of spruce trees first.

Maria has an air fryer. This was our first time to see one in action.  It was amazing. Freddies had these on sale. Michael nudged me to get the biggest - 6.5L.  The small sizes had held me back.

Air Fried - CRISPY cauliflower

Amazing - the taste of frying without the saturated fat 

Nolan got home from work. 

Stacia made an Irish Cottage Pie and Flatbread for dinner. I made go-withs.  Arielle and Benny visited while we ate. They were waiting for Cory for dinner. 

Cory got home from work. 

We headed outside to play and enjoy the fire. Such a beautiful day! 
Michael, Josiah, Nolan, Jamin 
 Roo jumped at me when I went to feed the chicks. I brought him out to get to know everyone... Someone named him Reuben. The guys were trying to keep him out of the fire and he made a run for it between their legs and into the fire...then out. He is rechristened - Phoenix.

We brought Oreo outside too.  We weren't completely satisfied with our local chick purchase this year. We lost 8 - quite possibly 9 as we don't think the littlest is going to make it. One thing I do LOVE about buying local is we have such a variety of chicks it is easy to tell them apart and name them. They get names as they are not going to be any of the carnivores meals.

Odd crop circle and trampoline

Benny waited for a moment when everyone else was tired of archery.....

Alex told him to bring the arrow back. He did....but then he reached down and slugged Alex right in the nose. Totally unexpected. Unfortunately, all the uncles laughed...and if Benny can make the uncles laugh....

I need to replenish the s'more kit when I go shopping this month.....right along with the fishing kits.