Thursday, June 11, 2015

The List

We have entered the frantic zone....and we love it.

In addition to school, we  worked on "the list." This is half of the list......I find it helps to write down my mental status as well.

The kids were a huge help making White Chicken Enchiladas and "sugarless" no bake cookies to take to Desiree and family.

We took time to wonder at the honey

The next few days will be busy - and we planned it that way. The Bowers will be here tonight and Friday. The Mission Team Arielle is going to Mexico with is arriving Friday night. When they leave Saturday a.m., we'll hop in the small car and drive the three remaining kids to OR. They will stay with BreZaak, we'll get to see Nate (home from Turkmenistan), Will and Sherri and my parents. We'll come Sunday  - hopefully by afternoon and have time to pack and leave at 0500 from Sacramento for a week in Pittsburgh at the Open Bible Conference.  We haven't figured out how or when we'll get the kids BACK from OR - but we figure we can think better at Conference?