Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday - Funschooling...

Jodi introduced me to the term "fun schooling" vs. unschooling to explain how we school. (If you want a great glimpse into funschooling read Jodi's blog. I get lots of ideas from watching her school. LOL) I've been working all week to get the books that TOG recommends into our home. Somehow, I felt we were behind because we didn't have the right books. BUT education is taking place....everywhere.

This is a glimpse of what funschooling looks like in our home.

Stacia continues to be incredibly jealous of the older children's school time...
Math U See blocks continue to be a favorite!
I sort of "plant" books.....and they find them and ask if they can read them. I tell them in a sort of reluctant tone, "O kayyyy.....but save some for school". ::snort:: Today our younger 3 students (4th, 3rd, and K) began reading A Place in the Sun, finished Bill and Pete, they thumbed through several books on Ancient Egypt, made pyramids from leggos, and we made Egyptian Paddle Dolls. The only activity that required me was making the dolls. Normally, I WOULD read with them - but today I was still trying to find used books. ::snort::

Painting always makes it a special day

Stacia tastes the paint (she won't do THAT again) then

Stacia wears the paint

Arielle's paddle doll (the boys decided THEIR MAN dolls didn't need hair! Middle aged, I guess! ::snort::)

Stacia insists on trying her hand at beading too

Group Paddle Doll photo

They began learning the vocabulary for studying Egypt, they learned a bit about the Nile, about cobras, Egyptian toys, pyramids and the afterlife according to the ancient Egyptians,....and we're off. We reviewed last year earlier in the week by tying and hanging our history quilt. They've been doing math and spelling on their own. They are picking up books to read. Zander really needs hands on projects, so we'll be doing lots of those again this year. They'll outgrow them eventually.

The older boys are also funschooling - but their idea of fun has changed over the years. Jamin wants to graduate early. He loves writing and so he is doing a LOT of writing and filmmaking, graphic design, Movies as Lit .... He also spent a good amount of time today offering his services to do free book reviews at various magazines and newspapers. No takers yet. He may begin a blog to publish his reviews and such - it's part of a class we are creating. Jared wants to attend the Air Force Academy. His fun is lots of science and math and the Civil Air Patrol leadership/ aeronautical science courses. College has got to be the ultimate funschooling - I don't know why anyone would go if they didn't WANT to be there for some very important reason. ::snort::

Hmmm...though I say we have five students this year, it appears that Stacia is determined to be counted in the mix.

After school we ran to the airport and spent some time with our friends the H family. Steve found out Tuesday that he would be deploying today. Debbie, is the one who took me out monthly while Mike was deployed - you may remember her earlier appearances in the blog. Shoot - Michael was missing last Christmas and Steve will be missing this year. We're sad for them, but oh so very proud of all our troops!!!!!

We had a bit of time between the airport and having to run Jared to Civil Air Patrol. Michael and Nolan worked on rockets.

We had dinner in the Fellowship Hall at the chapel. Michael and Jared are still on base. It will be another late night.

Zander insisted on helping with the windows (Oh yeah - I cut his hair!)
We're about to end the night with another chapter of *Boyhood and Beyond* and a couple more chapters from, "Peter Pan in Scarlett".

Adult Children Update

No, I don't plan to update daily. I realize that millions of youth are in college, ministry programs etc, and our situation isn't totally unique. I realize that the 70% who found my blog via SHS or email links may not be interested in updates, but the 20% who read the blog and are personal friends and family will be......So here's an update....

~The girls report that they met a delightful blog stalker at church on Sunday. ::snort:: Way to go, Candy! It brought home for BreAnne how easy it would be for someone they don't know to find them via info on the web (MC links, Church links, My Space etc).

~Krista has been given a 1980 Chevy Luv truck. Nicholas has helped her through the maze to get it registered and titled.

~The girls are staff this year and are busily preparing for 2nd and 1st year students to return.

~Nicholas (not a son but courting our daughter Krista) is preparing to move down to Eugene Bible College. Mom, he's been prepared that you and Dad will want to get to know him and is thinking of trying your church. Maybe it will be a good fit.

~Josiah attended his FIRST day of lectures at college. Keep in mind he is NOT taking political science but is taking a math, English, and history course. The topics of discussion were gay marriage, abortion, and why the troops should get out of Iraq. ::snort:: While he told us about the lectures, I kept thinking "He's PAYING for THIS?" but he'll be fine and is wonderfully able to sort through the junk he hears and compare it with the truth in the Word of God.

~Josiah reports that he's figured out the parking situation. You have to pull up to one of the buildings and then stalk a student who leaves, allowing you to grab their spot as soon as they pull out.

~Josiah came home last night with a pay check that contained a bonus, another $1 per hour raise, and some very nice kudos. I thought it was nice of God, through Tim O, to send him some affirmation as he begins a totally new venture, which can tend to bring a bit of insecurity - though Cy isn't admitting to feeling out of sorts.

~A funny at college (besides the lectures)? Josiah was standing nearby while someone went on and on about these "little freshman", then he bumped into Josiah, looked UP and said, "I'm sorry, excuse me." Josiah bit his tongue but had a great response ready about these "little freshman cluttering up the place". LOL

I thought that with so much of our blog taken up recounting daily activities here at home (which by very nature focus on the children still at HOME) it would be nice to include an update of what our adult children are up to.

Friendship in Proverbs 4 and 6

There are not a lot of specific verses in these chapters on friendship. There are lots of verses on various relationships. Here are two that could speak to friendships.

Prov 4:23 Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.

Watch - guard - keep - be DILIGENT - does this relationship benefit my heart or is it allowing things contrary to God's will and plan into my heart?

Prov 6:12 - 15 presents a list of characteristics of a worthless/wicked man. I want to avoid these things in myself, and also in my close associates.

1. walks with a perverse mouth
2. winks with the eyes (deceptive)
3. signals with the feet (deceptive)
4. points with fingers
5. has a perverse heart that continually devises evil
6. spreads strife