Sunday, January 28, 2007


This has been a hard day. Not a bad day - but a hard day. HOWEVER....isn't it great that God sent me a little message? It came in the form of Yvonne's son. They emailed me the new blinkie in the sidebar - Choosing Joy. A Timely reminder....::snort::

Stacia jumped on my shoulder somehow last night and I can't lift my left shoulder. OUCH. I guess I need to not do arm movements when working out this week...maybe take some ibuprofen....I nearly threw up when I had to lift my arm to put on and take off my dress. TMI? {G}

Chapel was good. Everyone is telling me "not long now".....but for some reason today it feels like it may be forever. I simply need to choose joy and get out of the pit. LOL

I went and bought Turbo Tax. I looked at last year's return and Mike made MORE last year and we got 9K something is not right in my figures. I really just needed figures to do the I'll do what I can there and then if I need to change them later - I'll try. Hopefully they won't haul Josiah or I off to prison for turning in false financial aide info. ugh.

We made popcorn, turned off the lights, and watched "Mrs. Minerva". This is a GREAT movie. It shows the struggle of one English family during WW2. It was made in 1942. We were all moved to think that no one knew what was going to happen in the rest of the war when it was made. There were a couple "trailers" we watched. I was excited when one of my boys said, "Mom, this is an example of American propaganda isn't it?" We were able to discuss the possible good and bad uses of propaganda. This is something they'd been thinking about in school. Then Josiah (17) said that if he'd been alive back then and hadn't signed up yet...he would have signed up after watching the movie. This led us to wonder if the whole movie was propaganda. ::snort:: We loved it. We cried, we laughed...and it wasn't just me crying. The boys asked if they could put on a Hogan's Heroes to lighten the mood. They got Arielle out of bed (she was moved by the movie more than I expected) and are doing that now.

Really, it's not been a bad day...I'm simply emotional...and in pain....which may be why things felt glum today. BUT how can I ignore my blinkie....Choosing Joy.

OH Stacia got into flour today - everywhere. Jamin ran for the camera before remembering that it isn't working. I've got this family trained! ::snort:: Photo - THEN clean up!