Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Until Next Time

It had to happen - today Dad flew back outside. It was a blast to see Alaska through new eyes. Dad kept saying, "They call MT Big Sky country, but Alaska is Big Sky country," and "Alaska is beautiful."  We had a couple of rainy days, but mostly sunny. Not the 90 - 100* they are getting - but 70-75* is gorgeous up here. 

We were worried Dad would be sore this morning, but he assured us he was fine. 

It was hard for all of us not to have mom with us - but we talked about her a lot. It was good. Today, Josiah and Jared met us at the airport, Dad maneuvered a Cinabon break on the way to the TSA line, and before we were quite ready, it was time to say, "Until Next Time..."

Sherri let us know Dad had arrived home. He was limping badly - I'm sure sitting all day and all the extra walking, combined with the fall yesterday explains that problem. 

As often happens: a day of activity (fishing in Whittier) is followed by a down day. It's a rhythm we are used to and learning to account for in our planning. 

Yep - just a post with two of my favorite men.