Saturday, April 29, 2017

Family Fun

We need not let a little spring snow storm keep us from meeting at John and Jenny's for family time. 

Mary (SIL) and me
 John made some great chicken for dinner. 
John - niece Jenny's husband
 John and Jenny added Hannah to the family. This was our first time to meet her. 
Hanna is a doll! 

Serious business in the kitchen.
Jerome (Nephew) and John 

Earl - Michael's brother
 The dinner table
Mising Michael and Dom 

After dinner we enjoyed a few rounds of Mafia at Jerome's prodding. 

Remind Me Again....

We woke to THIS - and were glad not to be driving. 


This is me saying, "Remind me again, WHY we are moving to Alaska?" 

It has become a joke how the cold weather follows us around the states. LOL  This is supposed to stay on the ground a day or two and blow away.