Monday, April 16, 2018

Redeeming Time

If you'd rather hear and see the day in video - here's a link to the video on our YouTube channel. 

The days begin with feeding Yuuki, checking on food and water for the chicks, cleaning the brooder and stirring the compost.  Yep, seasons are changing.

Michael woke up sick this morning. We cancelled three appointments and then the kids and I set about redeeming the time we found on our hands.  Alex finished school first and headed out to pull up Cottonwood upstarts.  Those roots go out in the yard and send up new trees wherever they go. WHY can't Birch, Aspen or Lodge Pine do this? Or do they?

I set about turning this into a big batch of Pizza Sauce.  

Nolan finished with school and assisted Alex in tree containment. 

They hung a bird feeder for me. 

The kitchen was hopping. In addition to sauce making, Stacia made double chocolate chip cookies for "the boys." They were yummy! I'm an honorary young man. 

My first experience with water bathing. I need one of those big pots. I did get 21 pints of pizza sauce put up...all sealed....enough for 42 14 inch pizzas - I think. 

The days end with to note how they settle down at the same time each night....I wonder what the light of the summer will do in that regard.

Yes, I am bribing them. I hand feed them when I get a moment.