Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lynn, I really, really thought about mailing you a pizza from Moose's Tooth.

Photos are loaded from Day 23 - 26.
Day 27 - Marathon Travel Day or We’re BAAAACCKK - in the lower 48
10 July 2007

Motorcyle Lotto:
Mike hit it dead on today. I’m still not sure who is where in the contest as Jared and Mike are updating the way to score it.

Quote of the Day: “I want to go back to our Big Old House!” (House in Eagle River)

This was an 18 hour travel day. We began in Anchorage late last night.

We boarded the plane at 8 p.m. We left the airport in Seattle at 2 a.m. We arrived in Missoula, MT at 2 p.m. A couple of us are feeling sick again…..”Flu Across America”. LOL

Moses Lake, WA
We are staying at the KOA here. Nice. We went swimming and then dinner. Mike filled the van with gas, bought a bunch of fruit, and is now swimming one more time with Arielle, Nolan, and Zander. The children loved being able to swim and we’re hoping that they’ll go down quickly if we let them swim a lot.

Zander began swimming under water today....

Cindy, we’ll try to connect tomorrow. If the flu is raging, we probably won’t want to meet…..I’ll call when we have a better idea of when we’ll be in your area.

Lynn, visiting PWOC yesterday brought back memories and thoughts....I'll have to share some soon....but at this point I'm doing good to do the "this is what we did" thing. ::snort::