Monday, October 08, 2012

Satsuki Pond - Rokunohe

Our new find - directions and details below
Arielle and Nolan attended an International Youth Lock In which started yesterday at 4:30 p.m. and ended today at 2:30 p.m.

The rest of us got up and went to Shipwreck Beach. We forgot the camera, but found sea glass, enjoyed a perfect day at the ocean, and discovered the construction workers have moved on and you can get back to the parking lot now. This is the FIRST time we've EVER been able to drive right in. The English "Keep Out" signs have been removed.

We got back to town and picked up the older two, dropped off one of their friends at home, and drove home. Nolan opted for shower and sleep. Zander opted to stay home and play games. Arielle came with Michael, Stacia and I to find the "Other Duck Park."   We were impressed Arielle chose to come with us.

We think this is the "General Sports Park" or is somehow connected with it; there was a sign on the pond which said it was "Satsuki Pond." The pond is stocked with carp for catch and release by the city of Rokunohe.  I'll post directions below and GPS coordinates when I get them. I'm so glad we found this today and still have some months to enjoy it. It will be GREAT for cross country skiing - if we can locate skis for all of us this year.

We had a great time exploring...and will go back for picnics, lunch breaks and nature walks as long as possible. We also discovered the ducks here do NOT like bread being thrown to them.

Having recently studied snakes I wasn't keen on all the brush

Michael - the Dragonfly Whisperer
 Stacia and I found a playground and  a drinking fountain....this was so funny I cried...after taking the photo. An older Japanese couple laughed as hard as I did.

I nearly walked into this guy....and he was MEAN.  He tried to build a web around Michael as he took photos.  I guess he thought his winter supply had arrived.

Thrilled I'd been working out as there were no railings at this potty....
 We found Arielle asleep in the car...she wouldn't wake up for Stacia to get in so Stacia climbed through the back hatch.

After getting THIS sign so wrong....we are now a bit leery of taking Yuuki with us on exploring adventures.  We did note several others with this is our guess - what do you think? I do plan to have a friend translate these for me before we drive that far to be banned as we were a few weeks ago. LOL

This dog is happy and doesn't look like a convict...I think this says "Your dog is welcome on a leash."

This guy looks well.....sort of constipated to me but not also sheepish...and he IS on a big "No" sign with you I think this one means "Even if you're on a leash do not poop."

Now this guy is happy, sociable...on a leash...and carrying a bag of I'm guessing we can take Yuuki as long as we bring her leash and bags (which we always do).

From base - get on POL and drive out past the toll road....

2 - 2.4 Km past the toll road you will come to a light - TURN LEFT....there is an A frame building before the light and a warehouse type building on the right hand side.

Just stay on this road for 3.6 KM.... You'll drive through trees, farm land, past a logging store and a rest area (your next turn is a hard right 1 Km past the rest area)....

Turn RIGHT  - the pond will be on your left (through some trees), parking is on your right....You can explore both sides of the road....the play area is up the hill to the left of the pond.  There is parking over there too - but we didn't drive that route.

This is a great spot for scooters and bikes.  It's also a fun picnic spot. There are paths wandering through the trees etc.

In the big parking area there is one western toilet. There are lots of potties throughout the park.

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