Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Daughter Wears Combat Boots...

Cute little boots though
....or she will very soon. Krista has been in Mexico since January. She is working with a ministry she has led several mission trips to assist over the years. Arielle has been down twice.   She knew this would most likely be her last chance to work with them, she will soon be completing her master's degree and plans to enter the Chaplain Corps after she has the degree in hand. She's already ordained, endorsed and working on the experience prerequisites.

She hurt her knee in December. In addition to assisting at the Orphanage, she's been working to rehabilitate her knee, get back to the shape she was in before the injury in preparation for Commissioned Officer's Training, and finish this year of her master's degree with Liberty.  She's hard core determined - we're proud of her and the work she's put in on all fronts in 2017.

Part of her training involves running, dropping and doing pushups, running some more, dropping for sit ups, running some more - you get the idea.  Krista has collected a little training community....

Krista will finish up in Mexico, meet us in Colorado to bury Mom G, and then go to Maxwell AFB for Commissioned Officer's Training (COT). This will be followed by 2 or 3 months in the Chaplain Candidate Program. She will be back in OR to pick up her car the end of July and will drive to Virginia to finish her M. Div in residence.

While we know there are challenges ahead, we know she can do anything God leads her to do....and we're proud of her determined chase after God.

If you'd like to read more about Krista's time in Mexico and keep up with her she blogs at A Walk in the Wild.