Friday, March 20, 2015

The Short Week

Spring Break ended; we put our nose to the grindstone, and didn't look up until today. ::snort::

Tuesday - We hit the books HARD! Four day weeks are always a challenge and even more so when they're sandwiched by a few busy weeks.  I did loads of laundry. Michael had the house and laundry done when we came home - such a blessing.  Tuesday night we finished Daniel with the evening Bible study.

Wednesday - PWOC  Bible study. I finished Daniel with the day time study. I did have a great sense of accomplishment at having finished....I continue to read books on the subject....still studying.

Wednesday I had the joy of being the greeter and prayer partner for the women coming to interview for next year's PWOC Executive board.  Another gal came over and chatted for a bit in the afternoon, I did a bit of organizing and cleaning at Far West and then we had youth group and Family Bible study.  We ended up calling Bible study early due to lack of participants and came on home. It is nice that Arielle can drive the older kids home.

Michael had a "day" - he saw the orthopedic surgeon.  It seems the arthritis which was diagnosed about a year ago has progressed very rapidly. He now has bone on bone in both hips. Running was NOT a good idea and he's been forbidden from doing any more. The surgeon thought about hip replacement, but Michael is far too young for that at this point.  Both of us will have lots of medical junk to do before retirement.....He'll see this doc for another test in the near future and they'll discuss what he should be doing or could be doing to be more comfortable.  It wasn't real cheery news. OK, frankly, I was ticked the AF didn't put him on profile or lighten the running load when he was diagnosed...guess he should have complained more?????

Thursday - lots more school. I began reading Passing Strangers for PWOC Page Turners.

Friday - Michael is home. He still has a nagging cough and coughs up stuff. Yuck. So glad I haven't caught this.  I went to Page Turners. This is always a fun time to relax and visit as we try out different shops. Today we went to Cupcake Magic. They do have vegan cupcakes - but they certainly aren't sugar free. I had scones...and neither were they.  I almost finished  the book selection. LOL 

After Page Turners I ran to Sam's for produce and Papa Murphy's for pizza.

Michael suggested we see Cinderella. It was a better movie than I was expecting. We spent the night relaxing. We were supposed to have the Great Disney Debate - but it didn't happen.