Friday, November 10, 2023

Danny is "3, 4, 9!"

Today is Danny's "3, 4, 9!" birthday! Cory and Arielle invited us all to the trampoline park for a bit of fun. This was to be our "one social thing" today. 

I got Dad up and showered. I jumped on the treadmill and walked 2 miles today before I was simply DONE with being active. I cleared the deck of another 2 inches of snow. The girls worked on homework and took tests online. 

I don't know about our snow removal man. He was supposed to back plow the space in front of the door and didn't really get it all....then because he got stuck, he didn't push the snow back where we wanted it to be. We have a wall of snow 5 feet tall and 15 feet deep. We thought of paying to have someone move it, but I'm not sure they can. This is our FIRST storm...with the snow where it is we are going to lose all our guest parking before the winter is over.  ANYWAY, before we could go to the trampoline park, we needed to dig out the cars, the ramp and the front driveway. 

Michael began hauling snow.  He doesn't simply throw the snow into the orchard or off the ramp. We have to drag it to a utility sled which he pulls behind the big snow berm the snow removal man created.  We also fill our shovels and drag it to the same spot.  We got our steps in today. It took the four of working 2 hours to get this much done.  At the very end, with the van warmed up and Dad heading out to the van, Michael relented and let the girls throw the last of the snow over the ramp and into the yard.  LOL 

See the black utility sled? 

 Millie is a nuisance!

Stacia and Allie dumping the last bit over the side. 

We headed out in good time with plans to run a couple of errands.  HOWEVER, the tire light came on and the car was "squirrely." We were near the tire shop where we bought the tires and stopped to get air. The sidewall is bulging - never a good sign. They were too busy to give us a new tire. We ended up driving slowly home and Michael will be at the shop before 0900 tomorrow in hopes of getting the tire repaired. We have no spare because this van comes from the factory with run flat our snow tires are not run flats. 

Sadly, we did not make it to the trampoline park. Arielle sent photos. We went home and had an impromptu tea party, a bit of dinner and watched another Christmas movie and Studio C clips. 
Charles & Jared

Danny & Cory

The uncles represented!
Jamin, Jared and Nolan

Tonight, I am thankful for:
1. Family
2. Christmas movies - The Most Wonderful Time of Year
3. Safety
4. I only used about 10 tissues instead of a box.