Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Did It

Yuuki woke me up at 0430. In our S&B home I would have gotten an early start on the day's chores by baking bread......

But the Vitamix sounds like "throwing rocks in a transmission" and smooths out to the sound of a jet engine (according to Michael - he knows).  

Even running the Baby Bosch will wake my sleeping family.  

I wait. 

I neglected to store my Honey Oat Wheat bread recipe on the blog. The book  it's from - No More Bricks - is in storage somewhere and I'm too cheap to buy a second copy. I looked up Marilyn's Famous Whole Wheat Bread recipe. It's an old standby. 

Eventually all are up, the wheat is ground, I figure out how to attach the dough hook to the Baby Bosch and how to get it "un-parked" and I'm ready to try, once again, to make bread in the trailer. 

I was happy and comfortable leaving the Bosch alone - we are never too many steps from it in the trailer - but Stacia stood and held the lid on the whole 8 minutes it kneaded. 

Bread dough! It worked 

Window Test - could have stood a bit more kneading
 Here is my dilemma. I want the bread to rise.....but this rack is lowered as low as possible. It is below the "groove."  The brick below is resting on the plate directly above the burner - to even out the heat.  Can you see the top of the loaf is touching the top of the oven?????  Yes that is the depth of the oven - you see here the rack below the lowest groove for it and the top of the bread is the top of the oven.  I've enjoyed the challenge of cooking for a family of 5 with this set up.
No more bricks! 
 We'll just have to put up with the occasional caved in loaf because it rose to high!  Beats the bricks. ::snort::  I'll keep playing with the best way to bake in the oven but it's safe to say - We're HOME - fresh baked bread is possible in the trailer. 
Not sure why they look so pale in the photo