Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bella's New Adventure

Ah, just look at the excitement on Bella's face!  Bre took Bella to get her first library card!
Photo by Bre
 Do you remember the magic of the library to a young child? I think it is so important, even in this digital/tech age, to introduce a child to the library. Great books, community hangout, fun stories and who doesn't remember the children's librarian from story hour?

Miriam Old Coyote; children's librarian at the Big Horn County Library - still one of the best we've met. Hardin had an old Carnegie library.  We spent many happy hours in the children's section of the library during our MT years. I met several good friends at story hour. I miss that place.

Photo by Bre
 I go to the library at least weekly - usually more often. Most of the books I read are from the library. A library card is a frugal choice which opens worlds of adventure and information to one. It is also something we can share across the generations.  Using a library, supporting a library, is an easy and fun way to support one's community. If you've not visited lately, give it a try.
Photo by Bre
Yes, this IS a family event - worthy of saving in the family blog. Bella is the first grandchild to get a library card. The tradition continues.

Happy reading, Bella!