Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 3 - Green River, UT to Angel Lake, NV

Happy Father's Day Mike!
Not sure why this keeps flipping - $3.34 in Green River
Ah - 420 miles on the interstate (except for about 50 miles) translated to a 9 hour travel day. Much better. Zander was NOT thrilled that there is no pool at this campground. We got a chuckle out of him. We've been traveling the Old Route 66 and every time we stopped the past two days he'd say, "are we camping HERE?" and then "this is good". He said this in the most barren spots....but then last night we did the KOA with a pool. Tonight when he said, "Are we camping HERE" and I said, "yes", he replied, "let's find one with swimming!" ::snort::

It was nice to get in early. We had a laugh about the campground. It's "new". I'll see if I can get photos of it to post. It has some great laundry machines and so I'm doing laundry, the boys are running, Mike is watching the youngers and trying to call the girls and Josiah, and his father.

I discovered this a.m. that the little camera had deleted all our photos. I lost the photos from the first two days of the trip. I have no clue what it was doing. It froze. I left it to go ask Mike what to do and when we came back it said "no images". I was sick about losing the photos at 4 corners. The boys had taken a lap around the 4 states and I had a picture. Strangers had taken a family photo (unusual for us to all be in one)....there were some AWESOME rock formations yesterday and those are gone too. The gas photos are gone - but really - we started at $2.80 a gal and are progressing. LOL

*I* won the mortorcylce lotto today. That means I've won two days and Arielle one....but there are still many days to go. The pot for the overall winner is growing as everyone pitches things in to the now has a Barnes/Noble card, Coldstone card, Blockbuster card...and some pennies.

Quote for the day - either the one from Zander above...or this isn't really a quote but was notable. Jamin doing sprints at a truck stop to get a workout in.

We are finding that this is NOT camping but this is SUCH an ENJOYABLE way to travel. No bed bugs, we know each night what our accomodations will look like, we're all in ONE spot instead of divided between rooms....we like this. I really had my doubts about buying this thing...but this trip is proving it's worth. AND we are saving that $200 a night room thing..... ::snort:: Remember, we don't FIT in one room...we aren't extravagant...just legal. ::snort::

The first campground Moriarty, NM was amazing. It had NO water and that was a pain...but it had a gorgeous sunset....and llamas, goats, chickens, ducks....and farm fresh eggs for sale. The second ground was a KOA - not a really fancy one...but fun....and it had water!

Trailer hair - playing @ Green River - lots of BUGS!
The view we most often catch of Jamin.....doing windows....lots of bugs!
Typical sight today - gorgeous. Jared is our rock collector and this was a GOOD day for him...
Podunk, UT - wait - PAYSON - that's it - I think
A highlight of their day!Great Salt Lake - last time we were through here we swam - but the olders voted to wait a few years until the youngers would remember - and I guess they'll be gone. It wasn't a highlight adventure. ::snort::

Gas on the North side of the Salt Lake...
I have more fun photos of the day but the connection is wonky or something - it keeps dying on me. I'll publish this before I try more.


The day began bright and early at 5:15. Stacia woke and needed a bottle. She is sharing the "table" bed with Arielle. Arielle was in a bit of a daze and couldn't find the fridge. ::snort::

That woke Zander. He staggered out to the kitchen area and told me he was looking for a toilet. I directed him. Mike has replaced the trailer door knob with one that LOCKS. Zander locked it so that "no one will see me all the nekkid". ::snort:: The problem was that he panicked and couldn't unlock it. I tried to talk him through it, but this was a job for super daddy.

The plan is for all to wake up at 5:40 a.m. - which I think is now and for us to get another early start. We have about the same mileage to cover today but most of it will be interstate. I hope that means this will be an 8 or 9 hour day rather than another 13 hour travel day.

Happy Father's Day, Dad....will call.