Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photobucket Thank You!

Though I don't blog for awards (it's all about relationships), awards are fun to receive. It's doubly fun when the awards arrive from readers with cute graphics. ::snort::

Kristine at Mama Archer's Blog - gave me this award. I've not been able track down much about this one...but I know she gave it to her top 5 commenters. I can't get THAT widget to work on my blog...but I like the idea. Your comments are such a vital part of blogging and so I'll follow Kristine's lead and mention those who comment quite a lot. appears that many who comment frequently are also owners of blogs I love.... ::snort:: SOoooooo...
Yvonne and Becca sent this affirmation along. Don't you love the graphic? I would think I could list 10 -15 blogs here.
Here are my picks:
Seriously, if I comment on your blog with any regularity (like once a week or every other week), you can assume I love your blog...Feel free to grab the logo. ::snort:: Should I list your names? You KNOW who you are! I DO love your blogs.
I KNOW that this will probably go through the SHS group, so I'm going to try to pick some blogs that aren't SHS to make it easier for my SHS friends to pick their awardees. LOL
Michelle from Dei Gratia inspires me with her honesty about her family's adoption adventures. Michelle has been a military spouse mentor for me, as well as a homeschool inspiration.
Kristine - Mama Archer - often has thought provoking posts...and she's newly moved to the land of our heart! LOL
Amy from The Word from the Herd - is one of the very first of my blog readers to find me in REAL LIFE and INTRODUCE SPEECH THERAPY. She thought she recognized me from somewhere. ::snort::

Melinda is a fellow PWOC enthusiast, military spouse and obsessive blogger. She blogs at There's No Place Like Home.
Heather has two blogs that I is her photoblog and the other is Heather's Home....sneaky aren't I? Two for one. ::snort:: Heather, feel free to use the graphic wherever you'd like.
Linda of the MacDonald Clan has darling children and wonderful photos.
OK, I should stop and post or this will wait another week. I deliberately did NOT list SHS readers....but if you've not been tagged within a week come back and grab it under the first paragraph clause. LOL
And here are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate your favorite blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated

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Jared or The Power of a Vision
This post will brag on Jared. He's gone at World View Academy for a week and will not see it for a bit of time. Therefore, he won't be embarassed.

I overheard a conversation today at chapel.
To Arielle, "You'll be a teenager soon."

Mike replied, "Not in OUR HOME!"

At which point I jumped in to save the day and clear up confusion as to what we were planning for poor Arielle's future. I explained that in our home we have "young adults" and not "teenagers". I realize many feel that this is simply a matter of semantics (like using the term kid/child). It is more for us. By consciously calling our 13-19 year olds "young adults" we keep before us our goal to raise YOUNG ADULTS....and we remind ourselves that they should be taking on more adult freedoms along with their extra responsibities.
By voicing to our children that we "don't have teenagers in our home", we communicate with them our vision of what they will act like, who they are maturing into, who they are IN THIS VERY SEASON....They are YOUNG ADULTS. Visions/expectations are powerful. My expectations will influence my communications and responses with my young adults. My children and young adults will live up to my communicated expectations for them. Do not be deceived.....verbally or non-verbally your vision/expectations are communicated.

What does this have to do with Jared? Jared was the typical 11-13 yo. However, at about 13 he really began to grow into the leadership potential we had seen, to stop wanting the privileges of adulthood without the responsibilities, to begin taking the initiative to lead and help at home and elsewhere. It's been fun to watch.


We'll miss Jared this week while he is at camp. We are praying he has a safe, fun, beneficial time at World View.

Yesterday he sucessfully tested for Master Sgt. in the Civil Air Patrol.


Last weekend the local CAP went to Midland to help out with an air show. Jared was allowed to lead one of the "flights". This was a big step in leadership for him.

I love this time of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Yes, there are a few rough months along the way. We TELL our children that we are on their side, that they will most likely have to learn to deal with raging hormones and that we'll love them through it all. LOL It seems that girls deal with hormones by becoming "a bit" moody and must learn to deal with emotions in a godly way. Our young men have all gone through a time where they seemed to become aggressive and have anger surges....which I chalk up to hormones....and they've had to learn how to deal with this in a godly fashion....but honestly.....these years are wonderful years.....

People used to tell me, "Just wait unitl they are all teens - you'll regret having so many." That's been proven false in our home. We've had up to four young adults in our home at a time. They've all been huge blessings as they matured. If you are looking for some encouragement on raising young adults, I recommend reading this free article, Myth of the Teenager, and "Age of Opportunity" by Paul David Tripp. Of course, I probably don't agree with all the thoughts shared in either...but the Myth of the Teenager, helped to set our vision for the "teen years" when Bre was just 8 years old.
Today, a tribute to the youngest adult in our family. You make us proud, you make our family life much easier by sharing our family vision, by embracing our vision for this season of your life.
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Photobucket Misc Glimpses....

A few photos of things I "meant" to blog about but haven't gotten around too...all from last week....

NOTHING says "new year" as well as a new box of crayonsPhotobucket

I purchased berries from a farm in OR.....YES....yummy blueberries...I would have purchased more but I don't have room in the freezer. I got a box of blueberries, boysenberries and strawberries. I highly recomend Bithell Farms from Boring, OR.
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Stacia smiled and said, "I'm such a GOOD Mommy - like you, Mom!" Ahhh.....
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Jousting - school time
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I haven't a clue - some plan of Mikes.....
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May as well go with it.
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