Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Adventures

Krista and I joined Michael for an 0345 run to the Sacramento International Airport.  Tonight is his brother's vigil.  After dropping him off we found ourselves in Sacramento - that wasn't our plan. ::snort:: I turned around and we eventually made our way home. We slept in late after our adventure.

Stacia chose our Sunday Dinner restaurant choice. She selected Taste of China. The man at the register was incredibly insulting. I told him we had a child and two seniors included on our ticket. He asked how old the child was. That's fine. I expected that. I told him 9. He said he wouldn't change the charge unless he saw her. This began to irritate me - but I understood. She was in the bathroom. I got her out, he looked at her and said, "That girl is not 9." NOW - I was insulted. He was calling me a liar. He was making Stacia feel bad about her height in front of her. I told him she WAS nine. He again said she was too tall for 9. I told him her dad is 6'4". He wasn't budging. I suggested I bring a birth certificate next time we go out to eat. ::snort::  At that point "the lady" came up and tried to make it all better, she said they just have to see the child before giving the discount. I told her I understood, but that he continued to tell me she was not 9 after seeing her.  I went with Stacia back into the bathroom and as she talked about our experience a woman in there told us he'd done the same thing to her daughter - she's 8. He insisted she was at least 10.  Zander commented, "You're lucky my dad isn't with us." ::snort::

We watched Frozen today - Gma hadn't seen it. The kids went to the park and then to Walmart for some more shopping.....

And we did lots of fact....Stacia won her first game of Acey Deucy....and Zander commented, "Not to be rude, but it's easy to beat Mom." ::wink::

Choosing Joy!
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