Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Weekend and Travel Thoughts

Our people.....we were  not the only ones spending the night in the Flying J parking lot. We may never pay for a motel or RV park while traveling again. LOL

 I shared on facebook:  "I woke up this morning in the front seat of the van in a Flying J parking lot....opened my Bible ap and read today's verses about being content in all situations (and Numbers about priests taking a razor to all of their body - figured the passage on contentment would be more applicable as Michael wouldn't go for the razor thing). I went inside and found the friendliest morning greetings, had a couple of conversations with fellow parking lot sleepers - even mentioned Jesus in conversation - quite natural when folks want to know WHY we are living on the road - and had a bowl of oatmeal. On the road again. I think my tie dye sweatshirt is an ice breaker."

We made it back to the trailer around lunch time. We enjoyed a 2 hour impromptu catch up with Brenner and Steph (where we'd parked the Caboose). We arrived at Beale Fam camp and realized we REALLY like traveling with the trailer better than the suitcases and the unloading/unpacking thing. It was wonderful to sleep in our own beds.

Sunday we visited our local church - and enjoyed the worship and preaching. Michael had a rough day and spent the rest of the day in bed.

It has been fun to catch up with people still here at the Beale Fam Camp, we didn't realize how fun it would be to catch up with friends made while staying here on another trip.....gotta love the life.

Travel thoughts - this lifestyle is allowing us to meet people we never would have met if we'd not moved into the trailer. This is a good thing.

Sorry - have been socializing and forgot about the photos!