Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Grands from Nearby and Gifts from Afar

Bre had some business she needed to take care of today. Michael drove her and Gideon and I kept Bella. I would have kept Gideon, but we had no idea how long the day would be.  We had great fun with Bella. 

At one point she grabbed my smoothie out of my hand and dropped the cup. Smoothie EVERYWHERE....all over her hands, clothes, hair, floor, me, cupboards. The poor thing was upset. She doesn't like to be messy. I thought the whole thing funny, but she certainly got a dose of reality discipline. She hasn't grabbed my cup again (it's now 27 Feb).  I got her cleaned up and into a new outfit....and we took a nap together....uh...watched veggie tales. ::snort:: 

She hopped out of bed and  immediately snatched my slippers. It was hilarious to watch her plod around in them. Note - I did take the pacifier after she had a bit of time to transition to awake from sleep. 

A great day was made even better when Michael got home with a package - for me. Check it out!!!! Sweet card, teas, tea bags (which I've not tried yet) and a strainer....such fine mesh. It's changed my life - or at least my tea drinking.....
Those words of affirmation and encouragement were a big hug and they certainly were appreciated.