Monday, March 14, 2016

It's a Good Life

Remember the Shasta Bread? Lava Bread has joined the ranks of unusual bread I can serve up. This rose too high, too fast and collapsed. Ah well - at least I KNOW what caused this. ::snort:: I think when we're in OR, I'll take the stuff to someone's home and make more than two loaves at a time....and have an oven with even heat. I think I will.

Nick and Chelsea gave me a tour of their 41 ft Toyhauler today! Wow! Residential tub and fridge....I love what they've done for the girls' much we could do with another 90sq feet....but - we are supposed to be looking for a rig I can drive.....

Michael is excited to be invited to preach next Sunday in Yuba City. It's a fun answer to prayer. He's had a sermon percolating in his spirit for about five months...and God clearly told him to WAIT and there would be a time to share it. He's excited to have the honor to share the word with a body of believers this weekend. While we schooled - he studied.

Nolan and I made a trip to the library. We ARE going to miss having library privileges when we begin to travel.

At the end of the day we enjoyed a family walk. I like to WALK, my peeps like to walk, take some pictures, throw sticks in the water, sniff a gopher hole and then walk. ::snort::
Alex, Stacia and Nolan

The Waterfall 

Our Little Fam Camp Community
I love the Control Tower/Sutter Butte

An Invitation

Daughters are such lovely blessings. We are thrilled to be getting a new one - Larissa!!! Look what came today! 

Our new daughter is incredibly creative

Yes, she did design them....all the info, maps...very  cool.