Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seder Thoughts and Math

I posted some PBS books and one of them was sntached right away...that's always fun.

I discovered that netflix rents books and books on tapes too - I need to check it out.

I went to Curves again today...4 times this week. I weighed the same today before and after working out. ::snort::

I've done more study of the book of Esther - preparing for the start of our new study.

I searched the Internet for resources for having a Messianic Seder. I think we'll do that on Sunday - though the meal doesn't really sound it? Maybe we'll do it some other time....I ordered a book that many on SHS recommend. I've collected websites and such....Several have sent me Messianic Seder Haggadahs. They are very different and all look good. One is made especially for young children...that looks most doable and interesting to my young set.

I made bread. It's SO nice to have an oven again. I forgot that it takes a bit of time to make bread. The boys took one loaf out early, sliced it and began lunch. ::snort:: I toasted the rest of that loaf for dinner and it was fine.

I took loaded everyone into the van and rushed across town to deliver the boys to the ministry they volunteer for.......Guess what NO SCHOOL from Thurs - Tues around here. after school clubs. While in the building I saw a poster for a Messianic Seder - $12 per person. I was thinking Mike and I could go and see how this is done.....I wondered why they'd do it at the end of the month....then realized this IS April already and March 31st is gone. ::snort::

Instead of volunteering at the clubs, we all went to the park. It's rare the older ones break away from school to go play with us. We had a good time and the weather was gorgeous. I'm going to have to remember SUNSCREEN.....

We've decided NOT to do our birthday bash this weekend. The closer it got, the more we all thought it was "wrong". We want to celebrate Jesus this weekend - not ourselves. We'll do it next week, or the next week, or maybe we'll just wait for Cy's graduation weekend and do Arielle's birthday too. ::snort::

I ran over and looked at Trica's Math U See. I watched a lesson which seemed great to me. I checked out the materials. I saw no multiple choice answers...I was looking at Zeta and immediately saw how it is different from Saxon...but I think it would be good. I liked the way you had more work on the new concept and not so many new concepts in a week. I liked the word problems. I liked the DVD lesson. I liked the weekly review of previous material. I am going to contact Margie and check out the younger set. I really am now about 95% sure I'm going to do it for the younger kids. Jared would like to do it too - he'll be 8th grade next year. It's a good time to make a break for him. I'm not sure what to do about Jamin. He would like to switch...but is in high school. He is working 2 - 3 hours a day on Alg 2 and is only doing 1/2 the book this year......I bet he would test ready for geometry in Math U See - but then he has .5 Alg 2 credit....or does MUS Alg 2 and loses his credit for the blood and sweat of Saxon....not sure what we'll do with him. I'm praying, he's praying and thinking, and we'll see what we come up with. When we pray we usually all end up at the same conclusion. LOL

I made spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad tonight. I was going to make Jodi's garlic pull aparts...but I FORGOT and made bread instead. LOL We are looking forward to having produce again tomorrow. I had to buy apples TWICE this week at Sam's club. I worked on a produce co-op newsletter and a member order form for April.

We are loving the Resurrection Eggs.

We took seats out of the van and set up the tables and baskets for co-op tomorrow a.m.

Stacia didn't have a nap again today and was on bed right at 9 p.m. again - Mike wants them in bed at 9....and that isn't a problem for anyone but Stacia. If she naps she's UP. The last days without a nap she is CRANKY in the late afternoon....but she sleeps at a normal hour and sleeps ALL night instead of waking up.

Scenes from today:

The 4 littles are playing a family favorite with Dad "tickle little kids". Mike's been playing this game for about 19 years with various of our children. It's always a bit sad when they grow to big to get down and wrestle and tickle with Dad. ::sigh::
I think I'm finally going to have to get a crock pot - or a lid - going to have to decide SOON!

Stacia - Fashion Queen?