Monday, April 07, 2008

My Willing Accomplice

Why do I take so many photos of Stacia? Consider this.....Zander wanted to make sundrop cookies today. Arielle wanted to make cookies. I told them to work it out. Arielle made chocolate chip cookies.
I wanted to grab a photo.
My Headless Son
My Finger Lickin Daughter
Third times the charm (I could photoshop out the chocolate on her MOUTH)
These older ones are tricky to catch.
Stacia is a willing accomplice when you pull out the camera! ::snort::



Things I did today!
~Followed Mike to the mechanic to drop off the Honda

~Worked out

~Checked on status of Bible Study order needed for tomorrow - inconclusive.

~Read a chapter while I waited for Mike

~Drove Mike to pick up the Honda

~Had lunch with Mike

~Began compiling final United Co-op order

~Did Couch School

~Realized this week was the Holocaust Remembrance week at the base, sent emails to homeschoolers to see if I should sponsor a group on to base (called Base Historian, Homeschool Support Group Director, et al)

~Corrected independent work kids had done while I was running this a.m.

~Began to figure out how to blog in a new spot (more to follow)

~Confirmed with termite folks that they'll do our house tomorrow

~Made French Toast for dinner (don't JUDGE ME!)

~Mike is still at work and now I'm checking United again, blogging, checking SHS mail and heading for bed.

School DAZE

I continue to work on time management. That means that for TODAY couch school didn't happen until 2:00 p.m. WHAT? I guess I CAN do school in the afternoon if I really must. ::snort::
School is going surprisingly well. We seem to have hit quite a few weeks all at once in TOG that are light. Most of our history, literature and Bible reading are the same. We've not been doing many hands-on assignments the past few weeks. I've promised the kids that if we get the core done, we'll work on the extras this summer.
Arielle has been working on a State notebook. She chose Alaska, and it was fun to see her compilation. She used Enchanted Learning quite a bit. She also made a "dog" book for Stacia (2) to work in during school from worksheets on Enchanted Learning.
Nolan has TAKEN OFF with reading. I knew it would eventually happen. We are about a year behind where I'd planned to be with phonics. This is to be expected. We delayed phonics for two years do to his speech therapy. NOW he's got 12 steps left of his Raceway Program and then he'll get his TROPHY. HOWEVER, he's begun to read his children's Bible. I mean - A LOT! ON HIS OWN....I'm so excited. I feel like he's really off to a good start now academically. Praise God. I'm quite sure he'll be at grade level and beyond by the end of the summer. All of our children have taken off like this when the timing was right for "them"....some at 5, some at 10 or 11.
Jamin has finished Math U See Geometry. WHOOHOO! This program has really worked for our family. I'm glad we switched. Our plan was for him to take the other half of an Algebra 2 credit this summer....but now he is asking about taking Algebra 2 at the local university for dual credit. I'm looking into that. I think he's decided to try to take some writing classes, and such next year at the local university as a SR instead of graduating this year. Technically, he's a Junior this year but has way more credits than needed to graduate. Our advisor and he had been talking about graduating a year early and spending next year writing.
Jared is entering a few writing contests. He is also looking into a missions trip for the summer. This will mean a HUGE push for his landscaping business NOW.
Josiah turned in his big term paper on FDR today (worth 27% of grade). One more oral presentation and a final and he'll be done with this English class. He's looking forward to it. He also had a history exam today (worth 20% of grade). It's hard to believe he's wrapping up his first year at college. He's looking into traveling with Spokane's Master's Commission to Boston in June. They do a tour called "illumatrek." They visit historical spots and learn the spiritual foundations of our country....ending up in D.C. He has plenty of money in his account to pay for next year of college, move out this summer, and do this trip. LOL
That's about it for school.

Weekly Fitness Goals

Weekly Goal - 240 Minutes (40 minutes most days)
Totaly Weekly Minutes - 190 minutes

Annual Goal - 11,700 minutes (2900 by end of March)
Minutes to Date - 3,022

Monday - 65 Minutes (20 min Treadmill, 20 min Elliptical, 25 min reccumbent bike)
Tuesday - 45 Minutes (recumbent bike)
Wednesday - 65 Minutes (20 elliptical; 25 recumbent bike, 20 min cybex weight machines)
Saturday - 15 minutes (misc walking while camping)
I didn't make 240 minutes this week. I'm trying not to beat myself up as I WAS ill most the past two weeks and WAS out of town for 3 of the days. I did begin getting some strength training in and will continue to get that in this week. My goal is 3x a week.

I'm blessed to have the FREE GYM at the base, but it IS costing me 2 gal of gas a day....and that is adding up to a LOT of $. I'm starting to consider Gold's Gym. I loved Curves but for my metabolism 30 min workouts didn't cut it. I'm still not dropping weight, but that's o.k. I'll keep working at it.  Eventually it will begin to creep off.

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