Sunday, February 27, 2022

LOOK Who Is Here!

I have a bad habit of running around without a coat when it hits 20* which sometimes leads to sniffles.  I came down with a bit of congestion on Saturday. I stayed home as it seems the loving thing to do with so many worried about the big C.  Michael, the kids and Grandpa went to church. Can you IMAGINE? While I know many would give anything to have a home as bustling as ours, for just this morning, I totally enjoyed the call bells, no laundry, no noise at all. Blessed silence. I had home church - and it was good. 

I was refreshed and READY for all the people who popped up the rest of the day. 

Josiah and Livie met Michael and the girls for lunch. They actually showed up here at home before the rest of the gang. It was nice to spend an hour or so catching up.  Their inspection and appraisal are complete, with no hiccups! I think they're right on track to close in a couple of weeks on their darling home. 

Allie and I had a zoom with her ASL mentor. She is working one on one in order to pass the Sign Language Proficiency Exam. This is a hoop Allie needs to jump through on her way to her future.  I am AMAZED how God is placing the right people in our path at just the right time. I wasn't happy with the suggested ASL course last summer and went in search of other options. We took a chance on one others recommended. Everyone I met had used it for elementary, no one for high school. In the midst of completing not only the course I signed her up for, but three others, Allie caught the eye of some folks placed fairly prominently in the local deaf community. They are excited to help Allie prepare for her future. During the zoom I was told if we joined a different charter school, we would get a $4200 allotment for Stacia next year. We currently get $2400. I'm not sure if we'll switch. Things to think about. 

Look who also showed up? 

WHAT? Jared is here? Yes, Jared is up this week for his job. He will be spending the time in Eagle River with Jamin, but Jamin is in Florida and so we got him for tonight. Krista picked him up and brought him out, so we got a bit of connecting time with her as well.  

Bre and the kids called and asked if they could come over tonight. OF COURSE.  Laughing, games, talking, ice cream - all the fun. It was good. 

Annie (3) ran right to Jared. She gives the BEST hugs (below). Jared had asked Bella how old she is now, "Almost six." 

Annie jumped into Jared's arms and said, "I'm almost 6!" 

Three? Almost six? It does go in the blink of an eye!

 It turned into a great day! The first day of a new week!