Thursday, February 14, 2008

Food of the Gods

Today was a fitting day to do THIS hands on project. ::snort::

We studied the Mayans last week; but never quite fit this project in. Chris told me about the kit from Home Science/Training Tools. This kit included everything we needed to make ORGANIC chocolate.

First we examined cacao beans. Arielle was skeptical.Photobucket
Next we melted cocoa butter....strange stuff. It SMELLED like chocolate (duh!) and looked like butter. It tasted like fatty chocolate.Photobucket
We added the grounded cacao beans and stirred....a lot. (This was first thing in the a.m. so the kids are NOT greasers - they have shower hair. ::snort::
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We called Jamin in to whip the little bumps I couldn't get.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The kids INSISTED on adding peanut butter (off course it's organic). ::Snort::Photobucket
Now the chocolate had to to 94*. I didn't trust the little indicator they sent (though it went off at the same time as the digital thermometer.Photobucket
They formed the candy.Photobucket
What's THIS???
Our finished product (which we'll enjoy tonight when all are home).Photobucket
Zander liked clean up best.

Verdict: This reinforced the children's opinion that hands-on projects are better than assembling lap books. Several times I heard, "I like this project better than making fish prints." So it did. It smelled better - tasted better too. ::snort::

We talked about growing practices, the Mayan's diet, worship, bitter chocolate drinks (you can buy Mexican Hot Chocolate drink down here, and I think it is very close to the drink that they drink in Central and South America), and how we agree that Chocolate is the food of the gods.

Our Anniversary!

It's our 24th anniversary. Last year, Mike was overseas; this year he is home....but not until 9:45 or 10:00 p.m. ::snort:: I DID drive the kids up to Burger King so we could have dinner with Mike. We had the place to ourselves! ::snort:: We plan to do something together tomorrow.
I could wax eloquent about all that Mike has meant in my life and how much I value our love, marriage, family, and life together, but if you've read my blog long or know me - you know that I passionately love and respect my husband. God picked 'em good, that I regularly pray he will send such men for our daughters. Life is too busy right now for me to write much else.
This year there aren't a lot of fancy gifts - we bought a freezer. ::snort:: Yippee! The biggest gift this year has come through my health challenges. I've seen anew how deeply Mike loves me and how much he desires for us to grow old's actually amazing to me how love and respect continue to grow in a marriage. This is a great plan God had. Sometimes a lot of work - but a great plan nonetheless. ::snort::

GOD and KETCHUP - Now You Know!

Continuing on in our quest for accurate science experiences.....Zander informed me this a.m. that Ketchup is blood. 
"God put ketchup in our bodies for our brains."
Now you know.