Saturday, October 15, 2022

October's Family Celebration

Most 3rd Saturdays of the month finds our family joining together to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays...Our October birthdays are Larissa, Carrie and Little Buddy. Both gals were unable to make it, but those of us who could make it joined to celebrate Little Buddy turning two. 

I used about 2/3's of our tomato harvest and made a giant pot of spaghetti sauce. SURPRISE - Little Buddy liked it - as did the rest of us. 

Stacia made this cute cake - it started as a smash cake but it was too pretty to let him totally demolish. 

The boys are such a FUN age. I wish you could see Little Buddy's expression. He has a car in one hand and smooshy frosting in the other. He's in heaven. Check out Danny's expression. Next month is his birthday. 

The kids were happy to show him the joys of frosting. He was more interested in playing with the little cars on top. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the presents - but again - lots of kids to show him how it's done. LOL 

Jojo (23 months old) found his happy place at the buffet. LOL 

The kids were happy to take one of Little Buddy's gifts and play it right away. We were happy to divert them to the hallway. Win - win. The little bowling set was a hit. 

Bre is 8 months pregnant. Allie and Bre took advantage of the time to catch up. 

It was a fun day. It was especially nice that Izaak was in town and could join us.  We missed Luke and Krista, Cy, Carrie and Liv, and Jared and Larissa....maybe next month. LOL 

AND this was the new stove/oven's first trial - worked well - except for the broiler that got away from me. LOL