Sunday, August 19, 2007

Manic Sunday - oh wait that's a "M" - Scampering Sunday

I spent a few moments reading email this a.m. I was online to check on some details for plane tickets we've bought for Michael's parents.

The traditional service is at 1100. Good service, first opportunity to hear our new Chaplain. 1220 found us trying to come up with a spot that would be good and tasty for lunch.

We opted for a Chinese Buffet. We have had a terrible time down here finding a Chinese restaurant that serves kid-friendly food as well. In AK all the Chinese and Mexican places served hamburgers and chicken strips too. This ONE spot in town, Bamboo Gardens, will cook fries and hamburgers for us.....but it takes a solid 25 minutes for them to do so. We rushed in, told them what we needed, sent the older ones through the buffet.....and THEN they came back and told us they were out of hamburger buns. Michael and I had to be back to the chapel by 1330. We moved to plan B - the older members of our family quickly pigged out on Chinese - got our yearly MSG quota taken care of. THEN Josiah went through a drive through for burgers and fries - while Mike and I dropped the rest of the kids at home and raced for the base.

1400 - Gospel Service. 1530 - pot luck. Stuffed.

Mike and I spent an hour or so in his office....then at 1730 headed back to the chapel for the New Life Contemporary service. The worship team sounded AWESOME - we have a revolving worship team as the students are here for 6 weeks - 9 months I think.

Back home Michael and Jared headed out to run off Chinese and potluck. I'm drained and should go pay bills and look at the budget for school....but I'm not.

I booked three tickets yesterday for the girls and Nicholas to come home for Christmas.....the fabulous four wanted to watch Elf....and you know what? I'm getting EXCITED! Christmas is coming and our home will be full for a couple of weeks.....My parents will be here too! Only 4 more months till I can hug my babies necks again!