Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Remember When Shopping was Effortless?

Monday has disappeared...it ran into all the other days and I can't separate anything of note which happened on that day....

Today, however, was full of monumental outings. I got up bright and early to try to hit the store before everyone else did. I was somewhat successful. I discovered one cannot sip tea while wearing a mask.....Izaak had spotted sugar at Freddies and I hoped....arriving early....that I'd find some too. 

Yeah, no luck. 

This was the only sugar in the aisle....and I am not quite desperate enough to smash down cubes to make sugar for kombucha. I did find the last bag of organic cane sugar and snatched it up. I  have a friend who will bring me some sugar - but I was hoping it would be in my clicklist order.

Stacia bakes quite a bit and which uses sugar. Other than her baking, our biggest sugar usage is for making kombucha....

I find myself remembering when shopping was effortless, and planning how to stock up better to avoid this in the next crisis of the food supply chain.  First, I will buy an extra Costco size case of toilet paper....and I'm thinking big barrels, or tubs, for sugar, flour (or wheat berries) beans and rice....and then the typical canning. I'm trying to figure out where to store this food storage. I'll rotate items. We've done fairly well...except that freezer of salmon seems to have sprouted a layer of ICE CREAM when I went digging last week. ::snort::  Yep, they hid the ice cream under the salmon. We don't have quite as much salmon as I thought, but plenty. ::snort::

I came home, and SAT in the car, in the driveway, for 45 minutes. It felt good. I just sat....sent a polo or two to my sister friends.  The mountains were calling....and off I went.

I was able to get a 3 mile walk in which greatly improved my outlook on life.  I came home and got my typical 45 min elliptical workout in...and finally took a SHOWER...it's the little goals that matter. 

The map of this walk cracked me up. I titled it - all the detours. 
Krista and Stacia have each taken a dinner off my hands. Krista takes Monday night and made Swedish Meatballs with all the fixings.  Stacia made Chicken Paramesan, zuchinni fries, to which I added a plate of fruit and salad, for dinner tonight.  Stacia FINSHED GEOMETRY for the year!
All this and geometry too! 

Krista is busy making cooking videos for her life skills class. Today she made naan bread and hummus....both VERY yummy. 

I rounded the day out by hosting our final discussion on the Beatitudes for the gals from church. We are moving on to a study on communication - Words Matter.

Michael has been spending lots of time in the woodshop. He finished another fishing pole holder...and has started on a book shelf.

As for the pandemic....there is talk today from our Governor of a flattened curve and starting to open parts of the economy up....to watch and see what happens....I guess it is beginning by allowing elective surgeries again. I think I heard dental proceedings are still out and we are still under stay at home and travel bans.