Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Update

I'm simply going to post this email....
Another Mass Email:

Thanks for your prayers. Mike is in Philadelphia and can't get a flight out until 8 p.m. Monday night (his time). Details are working out for him to get from SEATTLE to Medford, where Mom Mary is, and then on down to CA to be with his father.

Mary (Mom) came through the surgery with flying colors. It turns out her hip and shoulder are damaged (not broken) and it is her leg that is broken. Mike's sister is now with his 93 year old father in CA. Prayers for upcoming talks and arrangements are well as Mary's continued healing. As it doesn't appear that the kids and I can be of help, our plan as of this a.m. is to stay in Japan.

Seoul - my plans are to arrive in Seoul on Tuesday, as planned. "Do the next thing" is our family motto. I think a new one should be "Beware of making plans!" ::snort::

Thanks for your prayers,
Choosing Joy!
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