Friday, June 02, 2017

The One Where We Question our Plans

Josiah's Alaskan car
These guys are EXCITED to begin their four day Epic Alaskan Hike. We look forward to the stories. Check out Josiah's new Alaskan car! I like it.  I also can't help noting Josiah and Jamin are sporting beards already. 
Jared, Jamin, Nolan, Alex and Josiah - The Gherkin Men - Minus Michael 
We got new tires on the trailer today. Michael and Izaak took the wheels apart and looked at bearings or some such thing.... it was greasy. πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰ It was a blessing for Michael to have Izaak's help today. They also finished a project Michael had begun for Mom and Dad.
Izaak, Michael, Dad
Michael ducked out for "an hour" to take care of a bit of estate business which needs to be done before we leave town.  He came home 4.5 hours later. Successful!

Bre spent the day with Gideon. She has a ton of videos to watch from the hospital and now that Gideon has no feeding tube, he is feeding on demand. What a great day for her to get with Gideon.

We played with Bella. Bella and I got two walks in today - the weather is stunning - beautiful.

Someone loves to tease! 
 Stacia was surprised to see how artichokes grow so big. This led to googling to see if we can attempt to grow them in the Matsu Valley. 

Bella - ever the clown! 

Mom took a nap, Stacia watched Bella, the men continued working and Lorri and I stole away for a bit of cousin time. I've dearly loved this season of getting to spend time with a real, live COUSIN. This didn't happen in our missionary lifestyle. Lorri leaves tomorrow and we will be gone when she gets back.... I don't want to think about it. So, I won't. 😜 Tonight.

We enjoyed dinner....Michael and Izaak kept working. We got home at 10 p.m. It was a long day....we are at 3 days and a wake up before our trip commences! We have much to do.

Michael would like to start loading the trailer tomorrow.....and now we realize the flaw in the plan to get things loaded and pick the boys up on the way through Portland.....we will SORELY (pun intended) miss the boys as we pull things from the attic and load the trailer. I have HUGE TUBS of school books!  We have started wondering if we should go get the boys, spend a day packing, and postpone starting out for four days.

Stay tuned! Who knows......😏