Monday, October 02, 2017

Moosey Monday

Monday finds Cory back at work and Arielle working on College.

Izaak is also working this evening.

The boys and Michael left early with Josiah and Jared for one more Red Shirt trip before it's too cold to enjoy fishing. Of course, they are talking about ICE FISHING at the spot in the winter. I don't try to understand fishing logic.

I was settling back into the house, after seeing everyone off, when I got a text from Bre. "There are moose in the yard again."  I think we may need to keep an October Moose Tally here at the house. I nearly went back to bed, but then  realized I wouldn't have the problem with the "demon eyes" in the morning light.

These two tried to lick the RV....

They LOVED the brush pile on the other side of the RV and BreZaak's car. 

When a moose has an itch...

There eyes ARE black and filled in all the way....ok I've got this in the future. 

What was the rush? Her partner had found a better spot to glean. 

Can you see them both? 

Stacia and I had a lazy day. We took care of some things we needed to do around home, and ran to the thrift stores in town. We each found a winter coat for $17.  We look like marshmallows, but we'll be warm! We ended the night with a movie marathon - and stayed up way too late!

*We've had a freaky white truck stop at the top of our driveway a couple of mornings and take pictures. I'll relax, now. As I stood outside in my PJ's taking photos, I realized why the driver must have been stopping.