Monday, January 11, 2016

Japanese Added to the Caboose

This is a sure sign we've truly figured out how to make trailer-life work for us and that we've adjusted to Michael's diagnosis.

Today, Nolan was able to resume weekly Japanese lessons. Arielle joined from Oregon, Ryu and Kim taught from Idaho and Nolan participated from the bunk house of the Caboose in CA.

The kids and I will keep "working" with our program to pick up conversational Japanese (knock off Rosetta Stone), Michael and I are trying to learn hiragana - the sign we're ready to start official lessons too.  
OF COURSE this event evoked deeper thoughts and emotions than realizing I should take Nolan for a hair was EXCITING to hear Japanese in the home again. We all sort of lost heart thinking we'd not make it back to Japan.....this is another act of surrender and faith in 2016.  I surrender my expectations God will act in any set way in regards to us and Japan......but in faith, we'll continue to prepare to serve in Japan until we hear, "No - go pastor in Moccasin, MT."

We'd love any helps for learning hiragana you happen to know.....