Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The day the world celebrates my anniversary! ::snort::

I've been sitting here for nearly an hour now, trying to produce something that will begin to share what my Valentine means to me...but it's hopeless. Words are to mundane. I can try.

Hon, 23 years and here it is - the very first anniversary we'll spend apart (55 minutes and counting). We've had good times and bad times. We've weathered...and we've learned that love is about service, commitment, loyalty - it's a choice and a verb. I can't imagine what life would have been like these past decades without you in my life. God truly blessed me when He orchestrated events in such a way that a certain upper classman would notice a slightly spacey freshman MK. (Yes - I'm blaming the whole incident on HIM). You've been such a positive influence in my life. I treasure your insight and wisdom. I treasure your confidence and trust and love. I treasure you.

BTW all are spared of a truly amazing step back into history (big hair and a full beard - what a pair we were) as the computers are all fouled up and I'm not even going to try to use the scanner....nothing that may upset this one lasting computer. LOL


The computer is dead! It is apparently NOT the hard drive but the CPU. I'm not sure what I do from here. I'm being told that any CPU over 3 years old that goes out should be replaced. THIS is one of our NEW computers. MY computer - the one that died is 3 - 4 times that age. I'll figure it out later.

We began our study on the book of Ruth tonight. I think this is going to be a fun study. I'm always amazed to hear the different ideas and impressions that we all bring to the table. For instance I thought Ruth was a loyal friend and someone else mentioned she was a follower....I thought Naomi was broken and someone else was struck with the idea that she was a schemer. It will be fun to see how ideas develop as the study progresses. As always it was difficult for me not to "spill the beans" about some of the fun discoveries in store for us - but that would rob the ladies of their own "a-ha" moments.

Oy vey! I've been training my girls wrong all these years. I've painstakingly taught them not to settle for anything less than a true gentlemen, like their Dad. I've told them to let the men pursue them. I was struck tonight with the fact that RUTH pursued Boaz. She proposed marriage to that man. I think I got this wrong. Maybe I should have been teaching them to "get a guy in your sites and MAKE IT HAPPEN!" ::snort:: OK - we had better applications than THAT one, but this is the one that has me chuckling. Giggling is good.

The van is still full of boxes. I really need to make it to the recycling center before we all have to go somewhere at the same time. ::snort::

I've been debating about joining Weight Watchers. Debbie, one of the dietitians on base, has emailed with me about this. I'm still not sure what I'll do. She is willing for me to continue on with her. I really "know it all" - don't we ALL????? ::snort:: I'm needing some sort of support system to continue eating because frankly....I'd rather quit counting calories and quit trying to eat 1200 a day. I'd rather eat what I want and who really cares if it is 600 or 800 calories? I was glad that Debbie said "for me" she thinks I should go ahead and count calories for all those "free veggies" they give everyone. That will add another 100 calories or so a day. ::snort::

That's about it for exciting news.