Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where in the World Have You Been

Just a quick update to let all know we are well....and answer the question being asked of us
Photo Via Google Images
Our hearts continue to process the stuff of grief.

We were in Crescent City and enjoyed connecting with friends, family and neighbors while celebrating Mom G's life.  We spent extra days before and after the 13 Feb service in Crescent City, "taking care of business." I do love smallish towns.  The words of condolence, and memories shared, confirm how much one simple life matters.

We have driven down to Yuba City/Marysville/Beale Fam Camp. The purpose of our trip down was to physically receive a receipt from the negligent moving company which held our household goods. Our things are safe with a new company and will shortly begin the trip to Alaska. They'll have a new home in a storage unit way before we find our way up there. LOL While in the area, we were able to reconnect with a few friends, get a lot of progress made in the process of settling Mom G's estate (read one day we simply made phone calls), and do a few repairs on the motorhome - things we discover as we drive. LOL

We are currently at the top of Siskiyou pass (fresh snow), heading back to Crescent City for a few days. We plan to prune trees and chase down a few details while there.  The trac phone numbers you have for us (all but mine) will work, my phone won't get cell service and wifi/mifi is infamously sketchy while we are "in the park" - 1x vs 4G.  If you need us - call Michael's phone.  We plan to spend a couple of nights out at the house and then move into town for a night - right on the bay.

We have photos and thoughts to share, and will do so when we have a normal routine (with time scheduled for blogging) and consistent connectivity.  An hour to upload a photo is simply to much of a price to pay in time to blog. ::wink::