Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Things My Child Taught Me During Homeschool Lessons

This is today's meme topic at Heart of the Matter Online.

Whew! Where do you start when you've had 7 highly unique individual to educate? Goad has used homeschooling as a mighty pruning tool in my life.

I've decided to narrow this down and share the things my dyslexic daughter taught me during homeschool lessons.

TENACITY & PERSEVERANCE - both for her and I. I watched my sweet daughter do all that was asked of her for years and years....until finally she could read. Years later than we "planned".

I learned that MY time schedule is not always given from on high. ::snort:: Routines and schedules are good - but not at the cost of causing a child to feel like a failure.

GUARD YOUR CHILDREN - I learned not to tell her story. I learned to allow her to tell her story and to guard her heart and confidences. Our children need a safe place to share their heart - if we are trustworthy with their confidences, we will become that place. Our support groups, Mom's cirlces, best friend, et al don't NEED to know our children's stories without their permission. I only share now as my sweet daughter, shares her story.

Each weakness is an OPPORTUNITY for strength to be developed. With a bit of mentoring, stubborness becomes tenacity, high energy becomes drive, cautious slow moving folks often become hugely successful admin types.....look for the flip side of your child's "weaknesses".

Mavis Beacon and Spell Check are essentials. It's OK to "just know the answer" in Saxon Advanced Math if you are dyslexic.....this later leads to seeing the BIG PICTURE quickly in real life. ::snort::

During those years of teaching my almost 21 yo.......these verses became alive.

Jeremiah 1:5 - Before I formed you in the womb – I knew you….

Eph 1:4 – He chose us before the foundation of the world – to be holy and blameless
We determined not to let her feel like a failure, not to let the world define who she was. She was uniquely formed and chosen.

Eph 2:10 – We are HIS workmanship (finished product) and are created to walk in works that He created beforehand...
God didn’t make a mistake. He knew what factors she needed to encounter and overcome in order for her character to develop so that she could walk in the works HE has for her.

Krista will turn 21 this summer. She reads fluently and voraciously. She is in her second year of staff at Master's Commission. God is stirring her heart to move forward and follow His heart on new paths....and I know she will follow. To read more posts on the same topic go here.

Photobucket Zander's Hearts....(newly 6 yo son)

Another conversation as we zipped around the loop.

"God gave me two new hearts!"

"He did?"



"He looked around and noticed there are not enough humans and so he gave me two hearts - they are in my big toes."


"One heart is for Krista (20), my lover. And Mom?"


"One heart is for you (40 something)."

"Oh, Zander I love you."

"I guess he gave me three new first heart keeps me living, my second heart is for Krista, my third heart is for you and Bre (22) and my other heart is for God (ageless)."