Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tuesdays with the Boys

I thoroughly enjoy my mornings with the boys. As soon as I walked in today, Danny (ginger on the right) grabbed my hand and pulled me to their room. BUNK BEDS!  What a great marketplace find! I didn't know they made low ones like this.  The little boys can't reach the top and Benny loves having a place of his own. 

I told the boys I am about to take down the Christmas cards and I need new artwork to hang above my windows. They got right to it. Coloring with the boys was the highlight of my day. 

I left their house and drove to the other side of Wasilla to volunteer with our food co-op.  Which - resulted in a yummy stir fry for dinner. We love Bachan's Japanese Barbecue sauce. If they sell it in your store, give it a try. 

And that is all I have for the day! LOL 

Oh, yes, today is my birthday and I'm edging ever closer to middle age. ::snort:: 

Birthday Pictures

No, they aren't of me....and they aren't of my birthday (which we will celebrate later) but they are darling pictures on my birthday. LOL 

Each day they are closer to going home...such a sweet family. 

Noah, Larissa & Jared 📷by Larissa 

All that lovely hair! It's blonde right after a bath and looks darker as it dries. 
📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa