Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday - Just Another Day

Curves - they kept telling me I looked awful and asking me if I was o.k. I was, I'd only slept 4 hours.

School - finished but I kept falling asleep. Arielle (9 - almost 10) finally suggested I let her finish reading *The Files of Mrs. whoever*

Nap - I went to put Stacia down for a nap. I woke up an hour later on my bed (not where I'd started). Stacia was not in the bed with me. ::snort::

Bible Study - there were a group of men in our room and I prepared to politely kick them out. Our Catholic Parish Coordinator chased after me and got my attention. It was the Bishop and she felt terrible she forgot to call me about switching our location. NOT a problem....we got to eat the leftovers from the Bishop's spread. I was really thankful she caught me before I told them, "I'm sorry but we've reserved this room. Your time is UP!" ::snort::

Graduation - Josiah took the slide show with music on a jump drive to the cooridnator. Seems many are having trouble with power point. With the girls' graduation we could use whatever program we had (Windows Media). Anyway, it's out of our hands...hopefully THEY can get it on to a disc...our computers simply won't do it...unless we rebuild the slide show in the Burner software - and THEN it wouldn't be in Powerpoint again. LOL

Family Reading - I read two chapters of Jamin's books to the children tonight. Arielle asked Jamin if she knew that he hated chapters that ended like these - that it's torture. He shared his sketch book with them to help them figure out what a merrix looks like...

Going to bed - not even reading email or blogs.

I'm reading *The 7 Pillars of Health*. The first pillar was water - got it down. The second was - sleep. Oops. The 3rd is food - I have that fairly well down....but that sleep one I must work on, especially now as I'm exhausted 30 minutes after waking up. ::snort::

Surrogate Mothering....

BUT I already HAVE a houseful of children to mother!!!

OK - now that that is off my chest.... I made a CONSCIOUS choice 2 years ago to leave many of my leadership/mentoring/ministry roles behind. I had become over-involved with ministry outside of my home and needed to focus on my children. Yes, I teach a small study now...but I WAS teaching 3 - 4 studies a week for quite a bit of time. I've carefully evaluated each activity to come our way. I've made sure it won't interfere with school, it is something that will benefit my children, and that there is TIME to become involved. I've been quite content to put most of my focus on the ministry of mothering.....and I sense that God has been pleased with this as well. Sometimes, the children wish I'd get out a bit more. ::snort:: Sometimes, Mike misses me being a very active helpmate in the chapel...but all in all it's been good. I've been focusing on mothering MY children!

I'm finding more and more, as my children interact with their generation, that there are peers of theirs who are looking for a mother figure. I've thought about it. I've failed to do much. I was asked by one of my daughters if I'd sort of adopt one of her friends....I never lived in the same town, I didn't really know her, I've prayed, but it has been easy to let it slide....I'm busy with a new baby (now 20 months old)....this amazing young woman who has tenaciously followed Christ to Guam deserves a Christian Mom who will not only pray for her, but take an interest in her life.

We've had a student attending Bible Study. She's had some rough times. I've stayed late and visited. I've given her rides. I've prayed. I haven't had her over. I haven't called her as often as I should. It's so hard to tell which students are wanting mothering and which are enjoying their first taste of independence. Anyway, this dear young woman has run into some hard times. She's leaving our base as of Friday. She's sad, hurt, disgruntled. She talked tonight about how hard this has been for her. We didn't realize her mother had died 3 years ago. She said, "I have no one to call and I only want to discuss this with my Mom." She said several times, "I need a surrogate mother. I know I'm 26, but I miss her and I need a mother figure." So...what am I going to do? I'm going to do what others have done for my baby girls as they left home and moved into the world in WA. I'm going to mother this young woman. I'm going to remember how very much her own mother loved her and how very much I would want others to mother my babies if I were not here. I know she's leaving our base, but you can be sure I'll keep in touch. I'll have her luggage so surely, she'll get in touch with me?????

I know I'm tired. I know I have a full ministry here with my very own children...but I can't turn a deaf ear to this huge need that I see over and over in young women of this generation. They need to experience a mother's love.....Can we doubt that the "simple" act of mothering is in fact a ministry to our children....and quit easily to their generation???? I've always felt that my passion was to mentor other women....increasingly however, I find YOUNG women being attracted to me...just as I enter decrepitude (right there with you Dorothy!). I'm really surprised...because you know I AM old...and old fashioned and PECULIAR. It's hard to say what's on my heart. I guess I'm realizing that I need to continue my focus on my children...but I need to be willing to also look beyond my boundaries and see who else God is placing in my life that really needs the loving touch of a mother. Not in any way to take away from my mothering of my children - I've been there and I'm pretty aware of situations that are going to have a negative impact on the mentoring that I must do at home. Obviously, if I expend all my energy mentoring women and other young women and neglect my OWN children...I've failed.

I think I'm leaning towards reading "The Ministry of Motherhood" for our first book discussion.... LOL

Upcoming Book Discussion

I mentioned hosting a book discussion earlier. After reading the Trivium and trying to find someone to discuss the book, I think I'm going to follow through on this idea. LOL I'm looking for some input. Which would be preferable for a book discussion? Using the chat box and having a "live" chat on the book? Having blog entries with comments? Pros: Chat - more give and take in a discussion; Blog entries - more opportunity to comment as schedules permit, record that can be saved and revisited.

I'm considering either *Heartfelt Discipline: The Gentle Art of Training and Guiding Your Child* by Clay Clarkson, or *The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ's Example in Reaching the Hearts of our Children* by Sally Clarkson. Both are on my Spring Reading Thing list. Clay and Sally are homeschool parents, but the books that I've bought from them before speak to all parents, regardless of their educational choices. You can read more bout the Clarksons at Whole Heart Ministries. Oooo, Sally has a new book out called *The Mom Walk*....I really do need to read these two so I can buy more. ::snort::

Opinions anyone?