Friday, March 20, 2020

We Saw it with our OWN Eyes and More

 Living in Alaska, we've heard stories of  moose stomping dogs and people to death. I never thought we'd see this scenario begin outside our window.

Dad called for me to come look. I don't know who this is. Someone saw a baby moose and GOT OUT OF HIS CAR. I am guessing he didn't see mama moose when he got out. There is a moose at the front of the car, a moose at the rear of the car, and he's BEHIND THE TREE.

He eventually did make it back to his car. Maybe he won't get out next time?????

In other news...Krista went back in to the school today. She will now work at home until at least May.

Alex was called in to McDonald's for a couple of hours. Nolan is a manager and worked a full shift at McDonald's.  We're haring rumors that drive up windows will be closed and we're hearing that fast food will be deemed essential...along with grocery stores, banks, and medical facilities.  We shall see. Each new day is an adventure, isn't it?

Michael is feeling "off."

Stacia schooled.

I paid our bills and Dad's bills. Who knew they'd still want to be paid? I also spent another 90 minutes dealing with Medicare and Healthnet of OR. I have been assured they are mailing the paper that says they disenrolled Dad again - this makes the 4th time they say it has been mailed. I may personally inspect every piece of mail that comes into the house for the next 10 days. I rested and read and slept a lot.

Dad read and called friends. Thank you for talking if he calls. He has been home since March 8th.

In the evening - NOTE THE SUN!!! -  the kids began playing a game. Pandemic! I am happy to report they stopped the world-wide pandemic. I may send them to Juneau next week. ::snort::

After dinner we watched some fun  YouTube clips - and laughed. Then we watched Tim Hawkin's "That's the Worst!"

Humor heals.

What a beautiful place we live....I am content to stay here as long as needed.

Well - OK! My extroverted/ ADHD self is a bit terrified of being in once place forever....but this is a beautiful spot to be with some of my favorite people.