Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 7 - Sunny Day in Lynchburg

Maria began summer school today. She spent some time on the computer. Krista spent some time making sure she has everything together for her summer tour with the Air Force. Stacia and I read and did our laundry.  The girls went to work out. Stacia wanted to make cookies and then we met them at the pool.

Krista is always good at making up new games. This one involved answering questions. If you got the wrong answer, you got thrown.   This encourages getting the wrong answer.

Yes, six days later Stacia and I are still hurting, itching and peeling. 

Krista ran back to the apartment and came back with ice cream and the cookies Stacia had made. We called this lunch. Yes, their faces ARE hilarious - sometimes you need a candid shot or two.

It was wonderful to have a sunny day. The perfect way to begin bringing Stacia's birthday trip to an end.