Saturday, June 17, 2017

On to Whitehorse, YT - Day 11 of our AlCan Road Trip

The only wildlife we saw today was a dead bob cat. We couldn't be TOO disappointed - the scenery was gorgeous. Nolan and I finished "Fellowship of the Ring," listened to a bit of "Hank the Cowdog," and began "The Two Towers."

Nolan thought we should stop at the Sign Post Forest so I could experience it too. We did that and caught up with the  motorhome as it fueled up. 

Enjoying Nolan as a travel partner
 We had a snack mishap

Sprayed rocks did a number on the front of Uchi

We crossed paths with these two a couple of days. Its the 75th Anniversary of the Highway and everyone is out driving it. 

We decided it would be fine to add Yukon Territory to our map tonight. Note - though it bugs Michael that they are NOT to scale, he moved AK and HI for me. LOL 

For video highlights of the day click here